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  1. Lol if this game only had pve nobody whould play it including me imagine playing pve to do what kill Boars hahaha
  2. This guy omg you are literaly puting words in my mouth when did i ever said anything about hackers don't asume i want new update becuse of hackers i don't care about hackers im asking for update cuz of new items/map/turrain/ vegetation/Architecture
  3. Oxide 3.5


    Bow needs a fix its inacurate some arrows are slow they deal 3 dmg per head shot/metal armor
  4. More vegetation, bushes difrent kinds
  5. Traps:bear trap Turret Spike wall
  6. Oxide 3.5

    90 fps

  7. I remember update nostalgia :)
  8. Yea i like when we get minor bugs fixed in update it really means a lot
  9. Cool update i remeber it it was game changing update cuz of map
  10. Oxide 3.5

    Update 0.3.5

    Wipe day i remember it xD
  11. Oxide 3.5

    Update 0.3.7

    Cool you fixed minor bugs
  12. Oxide 3.5

    Update 0.3.6

    3.6 update was really cool we got minor bugs fixed
  13. Oxide 3.5


    boxes and furnice once destroyed don't drop loot
  14. You are here implaying that i should play "real version" which probably means i should play rust you were part of catsbit team nowhere do they mention this is copy actully they once said that Rust copied oxide
  15. This is Forum exectly for reporting,complaining and suggesting just becuse you don't like it doesn't mean i shouldn't be able to post here
  16. It is pay to win.never said i will quit i can deal with it i just find it more interasting having transportation you just know you are wrong about it it is defenetly P2w
  17. well we need base defences game is at its peak and getting raided while offline become meta in oxide so we defenetly need base defences such as: spike wall,trap,turret. To defend our goods
  18. Curently we have ranking sistem Lets make separate ranking sistem that resets monthly active players are not being rewarded so i suggest that top 100 axeman and top 100 miner get one blooprint such as items from Store like Hanta sat or copter
  19. Oxide 3.5


    Progress of this game is slow but i hate to see it dying becuse i know it has a lot of potential i downloaded this game 2 years ago it was beta version there was daily 20 players fast foward 2 years 3.10 update 4000-5000 players daily imagine if everything you did in 2 years was squized in 1 month it was posible only 14 things were added in 2 years so i suggest you should make game changing update and you will see how much support you will get i hope the best catsbit i know you are missing out on oppertunity to make this big i think if you make big update i think this game has potential to have 20000 players daily
  20. Oxide 3.5

    Oxide Wiki

    You can make oxide wiki and cerfully explain to a finest detail how players should play the game but you never put in work and add 10 things in game and make game changing update its always disapointment One developer made whole rust
  21. Hello i know oxide is small project and catsbit is small company of few developers Dear developers i know you cannot keep up with comunity needs you developers only aded: upgrading sistem,reinforced door,metal door,high wooden wall,high wooden gate,triangle foundation,triangle floor,metal armor,bigger map,bandage,med kit,grass,voice chat,friend sistem, They added 11 items and 3 features in game in 2 years Wow so much Everything i have listed have happened in 2 years from Update but i feel like in 2 years nothing significant changed alpha oxide had everything we have now i doubt we will get difrent turain more vegetation base defences more guns difrent fighting sistem more transportation i expect new update with minor changes with maybe 3 or 4 things added we will never get game changing update 151 days passed withouth an update i suggest you developers to sell the game becuse you developers are not creative ading grass in 2 months is not gonna make us say WOW and make us more interesed in game you guys defenetly cannot keep up with comunity needs nor you read what we ask for so i think for our good and your good its best to sell this game to the conpany who will know how to handle a game
  22. Fools not fools thats not point game is pay to win and i don't like that, not really fair also big advantage is when you can buy heli for just 15$ and raid from top i feel like you are trying to justify i don't care if its suporting the game we already have ads/prime and skins which are all way to support it
  23. Update the game guys @Catsbit.Care