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  1. Is that it can happen if you join in lvl 5 server when ur of lvl 15 then you can use only that item which was available on lvl 5 it's no mater that ur on which level you can only use that item which was server level
  2. Please I beg you to ban all hackers game is getting wrost please ban all hackers
  3. Sudip mere ko tumhari team join karni hai Instagram I'd dedo ham 2 bande hai
  4. These are confirm cheater just ban them. I can't play freely ban them immediately
  5. It's so annoying
  6. Can't join to the server fix this bug
  7. Tani


    Why you banning those hackers by manually turn on the good anti system that's literally good 👍 . Are you understanding please do that it's too good when on that
  8. As we all know that there is so much hacker in all server . So we can do one thing that we can choose one or more server for fair player's so all fair player can play easily on that decided server
  9. Who have anti ban there still alive ban them also
  10. Because they said next update is for against hacker but a hackers are too much in server