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  1. there are 5 cheaters in primes.
  2. Please make a server that only allows iOS. Please ?
  3. MikanzZㅤ

    UPDATE 0.4

    The server will cut off the connection if there are people nearby. Also, sometimes I can't do anything as if my WiFi is cut off, and when I re-enter the server, it reverts back to its original position. Is there any way to make the turrets distinguish between friend and foe?
  4. MikanzZㅤ


    Don't say random things.
  5. A Hacker who logs into Prime every day but uses aimkill every day won't be banned for a month. Also there are 3 cheaters. Albanians are teaming up with cheaters and coming to kill us every single day. Please ban the team fast and give me my prime money back .Please add Team BAN
  6. Don't be fooled by the lies, this man is using cheats under cover.
  7. I just wanted to say that cheats will never go away. And the act of using cheats to beat cheaters is a violation of the terms and conditions, so it's a given that they'll be banned. If the management creates an iPhone-only server, there will be zero cheaters lol.
  8. Nothing wrong with collecting scraps again and taking down the cheetahs. ?