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  1. Rezaking86


    It is the best game, but hackers are ruining it and the owner of the game is not doing anything😤
  2. Rezaking86


    At least limit the presence of hackers inside the version
  3. Rezaking86

    Update 2023

    You are so smart, when is the update?
  4. Rezaking86

    Update 2023

    Mind your own business dear friend..thank you
  5. Rezaking86

    Update 2023

    еще есть суббота, и воскресенье гений. с тобой никто не разговаривал
  6. Rezaking86

    Update 2023

    So the week's update is over??
  7. This game should be forgotten....You have this constructive game that does not keep its word
  8. Rezaking86


    So when is the update coming, the week is over??