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  1. I think I can translate (though I needed to ise Google translate to help) they probably said " if you accidentally die you lose "all the stuff" and it's not a good PL: Minecraft has this problem too, and I got a kick sometime because I just wrote in the chat" (I don't know why it looks like this now but it does)
  2. Did you mean to put this is sandbox 3D? Because you put this in Survival simulator
  3. So what if the developer/developers (I can't find much about the people who work for catsbit so I don't know if it is just one person or not) added other plants (instead of just trees) like maybe berry Bushes and other things.
  4. I have also encounter the starvation glitch. Me and my friend thought it was funny so we just ignored it but we dropped our items so the other person could pick them up then we would just die from fall damage so we could at least see each other again
  5. Me and some of my friends were playing survival simulator but after I joined a different sever everything on my sever had disappeared. Me and my friend played for hours to get what we had in that sever and then it just all disappeared.