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  1. Uses magic bullets and sprints. If I could put the video, I could show it more clearly that it was cheating. ID:725C1BF6E66F6348 If there is a cheat even on the Prime server, the anti hacking system is not enough.
  2. Update loses its importance,Cheats reappear in Telegram groups.You must sue the founders who wrote the cheat, or it will not be possible to completely eliminate this problem. Mam nadzieję, że znajdziesz rozwiązanie.
  3. Cheating organizations are making fun of you I hope the anti hack system is durable
  4. Hilelerin kaldırılmaması hilecilerle işbirliği yapıldığını gösterir ve bunu doğrulamak için başka bir şey yapmanıza gerek yoktur. Göreceğine inanmıyorum ama umudumu kaybetmeyeceğim...