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  1. Doda


    Add sleepers when they totally ban hackers would be nice!
  2. Would nice if we could trade scrap for wood/stone/metal and other stuff. Would help a lot
  3. Fun fact, i was taking a screenshot to send to my friend and then the hacker flied in to me screen and gave me not time to even disconect. 8C885F9A8756CEE2 His id. Plz ban this guy.
  4. Doda


    Yes tbis would be good. Man tbe copy rust but add nothing funny like rust added.
  5. Doda

    Best Suggestions

    Fix the hitbox of furnace (make 3 furnaces to fit in 1 triangle) Add charcoal and to last longer for cooking Make the bed smaller Add big chests, Make bandages easier to make, not with cloth maybe leather or smth else thats not that hard to farm like cloth, and cloth is being used for many other things too. Add Locker (700 hp so we can use it to lock special stuff) Make triangles to fit in middle of the wall so we can get on 2nd floor without the need of stairs Make jumping and siting better, add climbing. Will be eazier to climp into things Add caves Add horses so if we find them we csn you to transport ourself in map eazy Make mining eazier by making the range od mining a bit longer and the range of hiting with mele longer too. Add different guns
  6. Doda

    Best Suggestions

    Is this supposed to be funny!?
  7. 1- add gyroscope 2- try to make the pvp better 3- Tap to sit, Hold to sit (add a switch button) 4- 120 fps?? 5- try to make the game smoother 6- add ads and offers so you can get money and afford the developers 7- more building options (like rust) 8- add knifes and make them so people can fight close range not only with guns 9- gyroscope could really help a lot so this has to be added twice 10- add gyroscope:)) 11- if a player goes high and he is not moving then he has to be kicked auto from servers (they hackers) 12- add moderators on servers who can record the hackers and send them directly to some1 who bans the hackers
  8. Need to add servers on eu. My best ping is 65 and i cant fight with nobody they will kill me so eazy and fast (bcus i will be laging for them or they will be laging for me) I just know i cant play at all and is so frustrating to play. Hackers everywhere can build cant play this game needs so much improvents...i will play for 5-6 hours and a hacker will raid everything so eazy or i will get killed in the street bcus i am lagy or they are lagy.