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  1. Banned for permanent cheating 29B658A30334C2FE Server 9US Level 10 Hacks use aimkill, aimbot and Fly. The name is changed a lot Evidence:
  2. I have seen many high level people with hacks, even though they say they are legal, they use hacks.
  3. Nobody believes that, you play with hacks
  4. Server 16 US Use iamkill Spidermode ID= EE4B1F03C4A8471B Please banned
  5. (CC2)kill 34A94CC681468FFE He use aimkill and aimbot Level 15 Server 16 US Baneed please Evidence
  6. Hacker (CC2)kill 34A94CC681468FFE Use aimkill, and aimbot Server 16 US
  7. ID 34A94CC681468FFE Name: (CC2)kill Use aimkill, and aimbot Server 16 US
  8. FB66069697661757 the user uses hacks he is not following the rules of the game
  9. Да, надеюсь, антихакеров поставят