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  1. I was afk smeting and crafting i see my drinks low i put sleeping and suicide i got bug i can't respawn in the sleeping bag and i live in k11 i was have 5k sulfure and 4k gp and 8k metal fragments and when i run to the base i found my backback disappeared @Catsbit.Care go fuck ur self sell the game or delet it or put it in your ass I will make refund of all my purchases Take care on your ass
  2. I mean if i turn down the sound of game and i am going to a raid with the heli how can i know if that base are online or not
  3. But how can i hear if there is an active base or anything else
  4. The sound of the helicopter is very high when i use heli i can't hear anything else
  5. See minute 2:32 u can see the id of the cheter freind clear And go to minute 5:34 another freind of the cheter
  6. @Catsbit.Guard @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev Why no one banned this pusy cheter
  7. Bann this noob https://youtu.be/OTqACnAq1Qo?si=4-33yveXARggjqKj
  8. Fix damn helicopter i always get fucken kiked Fix the bug with door do not get damaged from rocket
  9. Prime for pvp not for raids