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  1. Then catsbit will be copyright striked by Scott Cawthon, and Steel Wool Studios.
  2. He probably is using ALTs. Someone new to the forums wouldn't know how to react so quickly
  3. I don't know. I barely even play the game anymore, let alone know what's going to happen with him.
  4. WriteZeMemer


    That would be hard, it took catsbit a long time to patch the rapid shooting glitch, in fact they didnt even patch it. It's still there but you have to use a different method. The only thing they really patched was GameGuardian.
  5. Also by steel wool studios
  6. Dude, Scott cawthon (the creator of fnaf) is gonna copyright strike catsbit for using his characters that he has the rights to. This isnt a game apart of the fazbear fanverse so I'd consider NOT asking catsbit to add FNAF to Sandbox 3D
  7. WriteZeMemer

    New GANS?

    Ayy new guns finally I been waiting for years for this to come
  8. Oh I remember him, hes either just using alts or idk,
  9. The pistol is boring, as all sandbox players know.
  10. Catsbit doesn't care, unless we get a update with a better Anti-Cheat. They only just added it at the start of this update, what do you expect?
  11. Stfu with your shitty hacks you pussy