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  1. 1: I suggest u make a new monument like a fishing village. 2: i suggest u make the players in your clan visible in the map 3: maybe a new gun like an eoka 4: i suggest walls can be upgraded with high quality metal (cost 10-15 HQM per wall) i hope next update will be great! greetings desh.
  2. we appreciate all your work, THANK YOU!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  3. ID:2E6250F076361A9F us4 and name [GG] сикинялатура he bullies players and is climbing houses to break beds and steal loot.
  4. Hahaha gaydrei Good report NGL. Devs yall better be banning this mf he killed me naked 9 times hahah he just shoots everyone and he thinks hes unbannable, XD teach the kid a lesson and woop his ass rip his level 11💀🥲
  5. frrrrrrrrrrrrrr catsbit greedy af. all wladyslaw (developer) cares about is money from little kids.