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Found 17 results

  1. Current name is Samyth New requested name Mirror345
  2. Привет , разработчики.У моего друга аккаунт гость и у него на акке донат,если есть возможность можно ли привязать гугл аккаунт другу?Мы не хотим потерять донат на акке.
  3. Добрый день ,помогите решить проблему дело в том что не ищет сервера после выхода с игры ,играю с iOS устройства.
  4. So I hoped of the game and didn't exit from the game but the winter update happened and I was like oh that's cool then I bought as much as a could to help the developers then I got a text so I exited the app then when I tried to open it, it keeps kicking me out I went to the playstore and noticed it's not updated so I updated it then I tried getting back into the game it did the same thing I need to know if this has happened to anyone else cuz I'm scared I might loose my account if anyone knows how to help don't hastate to message me please ? Gmail -
  5. ============================= Good afternoon, KATSBIT ? I have a problem with my nickname. I would like to change it, if it's not difficult for you, please help me :3 ============================= ((Sorry for my English, I'm Ukrainian and had to translate the text into English)) ? ============================= My ID Profile: LOWER ? 1F0B540E7D80BDD1 1FOB54OE7D80BDD1 ============================= New desired nickname: eto zhe psix ============================= ((There is either zero "0" or the letter "O", I did not understand)) ============================= PROOF: LOWER ?
  6. the servers are down do something ya never do but now do something catsbit
  7. Hello everyone! Is there anyone else that have this following problem? [ No servers are showing up ] This is most of the time the problems The app may not be working for you due to some issues that your device may have. Please check whether your internet is working properly. If you're using a wifi connection, please turn-off and turn-on once to see, whether it helps you. Also please restart your android/iphone device to see if it helps. If none of the above method works and you feel that it is not a common problem for everyone, please let us know using the comment section below. is the app still not working for you? Yes. It's fixt or No. I still have this problem please tell us below! Troubleshooting Methods: This may be a temporary issue. [ +-1hour ] You can close and open the app to see whether it fixes the issue.If you're using mobile data connection, disable and enable againIf you're using a Wifi connection, turn off wifi and turn on again to check if it is a wifi issue.Restart your android/iphone and try opening the app to see if it works fine.If nothing works, You can check the official app page on Google Play store for android and iTunes App Page for iPhone for any potential listed issues. Greetings xAnonyPowerZ
  8. Every time i try to update the game it stops at 100%
  9. Não posso mais matar membros de clãs? Quando mato adversário de clã já é um motivo de choro e todos me denunciam injustamente só por ter matado algum deles. Perdi todo progresso, banido injustamente. O que fazer agora?
  10. The servers are gone it keeps loading please fix this I can't play my games if If they can't load
  11. So you want people to play your game well PLEASE tell us when you’re sending outta an IOS update? Like I got kicked off one server that I was doing well on because it needed an update. And now the second one I could use I can’t now because of an update. So when are you giving us an update? Any correspondence would be nice.
  12. Sometimes the game would just freeze and kick me out it's really REALLY annoying is there anyway you could fix it? Record_2021-08-16-19-31-11_8ee7c4fda46bbb1a05472c1249dca647.mp4
  13. Доброе времени суток, я занимаюсь 3D моделированием. опыта большого нет, но хотел бы узнать могу я чем либо помочь конкретно над работами с этой игрой?)