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  1. Vh Karl

    Why ban?

    Haha u deserve that killng my fav youtuber bella huh hahahaa
  2. Vh Karl


    I really Confirm That i have cheats just to protect my self iam sorry Catsbit that ive abused it 😞
  3. Vh Karl


    Iam SORRY IAM LYING That I Would Never Hack Again to be honest i hate hackers But i abuse it to ramdom idk if iam gonna get unbanned if u will give me 2nd Chance to not abuse my hack just to protect my self its Already level 11 Please @Catsbit.Guard iam active what are u gonna do to me
  4. Vh Karl


    Then go dont believe me I dont even know u Bruh
  5. Vh Karl


    Uh please just say what day iam gonna get unbanned?
  6. Vh Karl


    Iam sorry catsbit after i hack iam just mad at hackers killing meto i just want to have cheat because i dont wanna loose on hackers always , after the day COMES i just Started Aimkill Axe other people ,killingthem with guns with aimkill in ramdom of them I just Realized What Ive Done, After I Got Banned.iam just level 11 Becoming 12 i Dont want loose that account forever, i Promise that i would never hack again after i Experienced this,🥲 I Hope This Make The Hackers Learn Of What Have They Done, And Also Iam so Excited For "The AntiCheat UPDATE" So i can play peacefully with no hacking I Hope I Can Get Unbanned My Guest Account 😞 This The ID: 63C83AB7799C97D5 I JUST WANT TO HAVE SOME FUN AGAIN Iam Begging That you guys gonna Unban this Account, ilove this game so much.Thank you🙂😭