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  1. Sir, ban this cheater 100%
  2. Cheater on the server 65 LVL10! This is a VIP chat nam: KavehH ID: 65A50397E3ED3C30 65A50397E3ED3C30 do you like me joker KINGJOKER
  3. cheater Aim killl Please block his account, it will backfire when the bot is not online I love you Joker
  4. Chester player 65A50397E3ED3C30
  5. Another player who is a cheater with different capabilities like Aim killl id 26EECA96D94BF9F3 Please block it I support you Joker
  6. cheater hacker This person is capable aim kill id D7CFE38B8C937F9E I put the picture of this player Please block it I support you Joker
  7. Another player who cheated id 3636144BBDCF483A Please block it I support you Joker
  8. cheater Hacker in the server with the ability aim kill 25A0F77E995CBEC3 id Player name HYT+12 25A0F77E995CBEC3 Follow up, I'm your support Joker
  9. My account is blocked I cheated, but because of you, I found the cheaters and reported them, and my main account was banned If my account is not returned, I will not play anymore, please return me asx6016@gmail.com My account email If you want an account, please email me hadyshykhwysy8@gmail.com I am hoping for your last help There is no one else to help me, I came to serve you so that the cheaters are blocked
  10. Enemy Cheater Fast kill I am Kiel 87C40FC0A80DED5C ID of this person 87C40FC0A80DED5C
  11. cheater aim kill Tle kill A2C4F59FB9DD202C server65
  12. cheater aim kill menu mode ID:B4F75A5FD17895B server65 Please ban, he kills everyone with snipe
  13. Server admin✩𝐯𝐢𝐩

  14. cheater Aim kill . Aim kill axe Tel kill 20m ID:150B2924318AFFB5 server:65 Please ban He plays as if he is not a cheater, but he kills everyone, suddenly he sticks to us and kills us