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  1. 5 hours ago, Catsbit.Care said:

    @LeLuSH(RUS)@OG PEACE*@Mert Can

    Happy to see it! 😉

    As I said, we decided that testing will be closer to the release date, it makes more sense. 

    We will invite our testers here, on the forum 😊


    if we are going to test the gameI                        I am in too

    when will we start                                              Mr. Catsbit ?

    if there is a serious bug in the game or if we come across something else we will report to you Thus

     you can open up to the world with an error-free game.


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  2. On 06.06.2021 at 23:57, Catsbit.Care said:

    Bir an önce yayınlamaya çalışıyoruz. Bu ay içinde 

    ok.. Is the game over now or are you dealing with bugs and minor glitches?

    And can you share a screenshot?

    a clue or detail in the game

     let's get some info Mr. Catsbit \(゚ー゚\)

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  3. wow the name of the new game is in the forum

     Then I think that a definite date can be given now.

    Mr. Catsbit?

    if there is no problem

     When will we experience RUST on mobile\(^o^)/

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  4. Hello I was thinking now if you say something guess about the date


    Because the game is not played now


    There are many problems


    However, this state can be developed and compared to a game like RUST.


    And it achieves great success




    It would be nice if you say something guesswork, even if it is not exact.


    I wish you good work ..