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  1. There is no need for rudeness! I was really angry too! He is insulting our religion! Ban immediately!
  2. Really nice game! It has a few shortcomings but it will be fixed with regular updates over time! The graphics are legendary, the map is big, the new materials are all good! Thanks! Mr. Catsbit
  3. The game is finally out! It seems beautiful! Anyone can download!
  4. How so! Will the game come out in 12 hours? Hope it comes out today!
  5. It does not matter! Hope it comes out today! We are waiting!
  6. Mert Can


    Ooh! Finally the game comes out tomorrow! We eagerly await! We are following!
  7. Mert Can


    Почему бы тебе не выпустить новую игру? Завершается июль! Вышла новая игра! Ждем с нетерпением! Мы следим!
  8. Mert Can


    Ты прав, дружище! Завершается июль! Поделитесь бета-версией игры! Выявим недостатки! Вы бы сказали? (дата игры) Спасибо за Ваш интерес! Я следую!
  9. Понял! спасибо за рассказ На самом деле имеет смысл, спасибо за это!
  10. It's nice that the map is big in the new game and there are more people on one server! But having private servers was not so nice! What do you mean by cabinet system? Thank you for your interest! We are following!
  11. It will be in the oxide section of the new game that will be released! Looking forward to the link!
  12. Chicken and Zombie? What game are you talking about dude? There can be chickens and zombies in the new game! I think you're talking about the ramming game of Survival Simulator! That's not the game!
  13. Nice to have sulfur in the new game! So when will you release the beta (test link) of the game? Thank you for your interest!? I'm following!?
  14. Yes that would be great! It would be nice if you set up a Discord server! We are looking forward to the download link of the game! I wish you good work! We are following!?
  15. Yes mate! We'll test the game! As Mr. Cats said in Bit, we will test it near the game release date! If the game has bugs and bugs or something is missing, we will tell you! We eagerly await! I'm following!