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  1. This game isn’t really supposed to be that realistic
  2. Ya it’s not really a glitch it’s just the server is glitching there could be 2 reasons why you get kicked a lot 1. Lagging or 2. The server is just broken
  3. I will let you use it for the game it’s okay if you don’t use it or something but the hammer icon is almost done I did have to restart it because it didn’t look good so im remaking it again
  4. Here is the first icon an apple it should be gotten by cutting down the tree it should be give you 15% hunger and 10% thirst Second icon is hammer but sadly I need to fix it the quality isn’t good
  5. Also catsbit I made 2 icons that you can use I made them with my friend too he is the one who put some details on the icons
  6. I would like to contribute I will try to draw icons and make descriptions and maybe even send them to you so you can use it! And also two more thing maybe bring back those spikes from survival simulator they were never really useful they never attacked people or animals it was just like there for decoration maybe if you like touch it does 10% damage and it’s health should be 50% and the second one is the turret the turret can only made from metal frags and some sulfur it should require about 50 metal frags and 30 sulfur and when you make it you need to put ammo but it has to be the ammo used for the automatic gun but only you have to put ammo you have to fuel and battery now if your gonna add battery’s like add 2 battery’s one for the turrets and one for the cars so people don’t get confused why the turret is working and health for the turret should be 100% and the radius must be at least 30 and there should be a options menu on the turret where you can put what it only shoot like either don’t shoot ur friends but only shoot strangers! Ya but that’s all I can say about this I will try working on the icons
  7. This is so supposed to be fixed version of the old one because it wasn’t spelt good and it wasn’t good so here we go 1. More Areas First of all the areas are okay but there isn’t too much like there are only 3 buildings! 2 Gas Stations and 1 Abandon place maybe add like scrapyard where it includes items like there scrap so you can take it and craft it and maybe add like abandon neighborhood where you can explore find old photos of family’s and a fridge where you can steal foods but there can be a rotten food like rotten meat 2. More items Maybe add scrap into the game like put it in the scrap yard and maybe you can use it to make scrap armor or something 3. More weapons and food I think you guys should add more food since there is only meat maybe add bushes where it contains berrys and you can get sticks and berrys and maybe add mushrooms around the map where you can eat but there will be 35% chance you guys it will be poisoned and if you get poisoned you will be poisoned for 10 seconds and you will lose 5 health and for the weapons add daggers and machetes 4. Animals add some new animals we been having the 3 same old boring animals like the bear,boar and dear maybe add a beehive where if you knock down a tree beehive will fall down hit the floor and it will release the bees which make then chase you for about 20 seconds they will do about 5 damage and if you like hit the beehive you can get honey! And also add foxes they should have the same health as the boar but faster and can attack faster but it can only be found at the snow 5. Vehicles since there are gas stations maybe we can have cars in the game maybe put them in the abandoned neighborhood but you have to fix the car by finding car parts around the scrap yard but it will be rare and then maybe you can get a gasoline and pour it in the car 6. Coins and making servers now maybe the coins can be used for something like for making servers so basically if you have 100 coins you can buy a private or public server but it will last for 2 days and if you have 450 coins you can buy 1 week for server and if you have 700 you can get a server for a month and if you have 1200 coins you can make a server for full year! And maybe you can get 50 coins for playing 10 minutes in a server! Well that’s all I want to say I hope these can get in the game and also Catsbit I will maybe make some icons for you like daggers,berries and other things for items
  8. Maybe you should add mushrooms around the map like they can give you little bit of thrist and little bit hunger but can give you health but there is a chance to get poison for 10 seconds which means you will lose health for animals maybe add bees like if your going to cut trees and if you cut down a tree a beehive should like fall and chase you the damage should be like %5 and add some foxes there health should be the same thing as the boar and should be fast and can attack faster and add some maybe add snakes which can also poison you too Maybe add some new areas like a scrap yard where you can get scrap and use scrap to make armor and other cool stuff and abandoned neighborhood and also make the map big and the weapons you guys need to maybe add some melee weapons like dagger like there should be 2 types of daggers Wooden Dagger and Iron Dagger and explosives like Grenades or C4 and finally the last thing vehicles maybe like you can build a vehicle by finding scrap parts like battery’s and scrap and other things to build a car or maybe even a helicopter!
  9. So I wanna to get the rocket launcher so I had to make one and it wasn’t easy people were trying take my stuff and trying to kill me but I was able to make the rocket it took about an Hour just for a rocket and the rocket launcher and I feel like maybe you should at least reduced it little lower because I been getting mad and tired but I was able to use the rocket and not die but still I was kinda like maybe a target for a hit man like some group of 2 people shot me with a shotgun and some assault rifle I did run away and didn’t die but they took 5 metal frags which I needed to make the rocket and sure I do know that it might be one of those abusive weapons so that why they made it hard to get but it still very hard! The only thing I can say the rocket launcher is useful is for big gangs or big forts EDIT: Reason why I put this as mark site read is so people can know what It feels like to make a rocket launcher and how long it takes and why it isn’t recommended getting unless for maybe giant base or gang
  10. Thanks guy for uploading it to the AppStore!
  11. Uncle Joe

    The game

    Thanks I have seen little bit of bugs where sometimes I get attack by nothing like I always check my hunger and thirst and it wasn’t low and I check around if there were people hitting me or it was some animals but it wasnt
  12. Uncle Joe

    The game

    So I saw the message that the game is out so I rushed and downloaded it now the game looks good but I am gonna wait until the iOS version comes out because my fire 10 lags a lot when it plays it
  14. Oh sorry because I think there were other clones or something and they had those also thanks for telling where that link is! I will also tell my friends so we can all play