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  1. Unfortunately, the video ends with ads Could you describe what happens after it?
  2. With all other servers it's ok? Have you updated your game to 0.3.1 version?
  3. Catsbit.Care


    @MadMaximus @penutbut @Whatsapp Jr✓ @Mateus Gamer @HÉCTOR Y SONIC @Muhammad Arif @Mohamed dz @Welynprint @Idk @Jhabbiee Hope I tagged all players that wrote about broken anticheat Please describe what you were doing before you were kicked. We will appreciate if you could make some record. Please precise the device you play on, ping of the server etc Because while our testing there was no case a player was kicked for no reason
  4. Спасибо, что написали. Кажется, мы нашли баг, если подтвердим, то в самое ближайшее время сделаем серверное обновление
  5. If you are kicked from the server, it doesn't mean that you are banned. You can just enter the game and continue to play
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    Ant Cheat

    @Akbar @DraconUA Please make some record, because while our testing no one was kicked without any reason
  7. Дробовик вы изучили уже после того, как нам написали?
  8. Подскажите, пожалуйста, в меню крафта вы можете скрафтить изученные предметы?
  9. @DraconUA Кстати теперь вы можете отключите размытие фона, тогда fps не будет так проседать
  10. Уточните еще, пожалуйста, свой никнейм и сервер, на котором играли.
  11. You want to change the size of every button separately or of all buttons all together?
  12. Thanks. I banned two players: ЧитерМстящий and orxan002
  13. Hi, we were updating the game at this time, sorry
  14. Спасибо, что написали, будем разбираться
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    Hi, SSL certificate wasn't renewed automatically, we renewed it as soon as noticed
  16. Have you updated the game to 0.3.1?
  17. sorry, the update for ios is on moderation, we wanted to release for 2 markets at once, but moderation on app store takes too much time
  18. A bit later, when app store approves, it doesn't depend on us
  19. Update is already available on Google play!
  20. Please wait, don't update the game
  21. Sorry, we are fixing it as soon as we can