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  1. Catsbit can you fix a bug when ever you skip an ad trying to join a server, you end up being stuck on the loading screen. I legit have to re-enter the game to join it. Please, fix this.
  2. Hey Catsbit, if you are reading this, i have some suggestions for Cubic Sandbox. So here are the suggestions : Add online playing moderators that can ban servers if they can because sometimes people make sexual 2 player servers that ruins this community (Also add Ban player from app feature for moderators to fight hackers). Remove timer for respawn. Add melee like Karambit, Butterfly knife, axe etc. Also add different weapons such as AK, Snipers, deagles etc. Add weapon skin. change main menu screen. Make it so you can do something to props or furniture, such as, any prop food our medical items makes you heal, energy drinks makes you faster (add a time limit for that), alcohol makes you slower and your screen turns jelly for drunk effect (also add a time limit), add so you can sit on chairs, add working tv and computers. So that's all the suggestions i have.