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    Need for sandbox

    The npc idea is cool but nextbots are crap, they're just sanic.exe clones that orignated from gmod and wherever they spreaded, they should stay there.
  2. Sexbox 3d, featuring: Young children under the age of 18 exposed to inappropriate content by having their avatars perform sexual intercourse while their phone they borrowed from their parents explode due to how well the animations were made and only a gaming phone can even barely handle it You wont last 30 seconds playing this game! (Literally.)
  3. A bug has surfaced where if you join a game even with a username you made, lets use "gamer123" as an example. It shows on the main menu your username is "gamer123", but when you join in the game, your name defaults to player<4 digit number> as if i never put a name there to begin with.
  4. TSoA

    Add some Tanks

    Good solution. But tanks should be able to take a bit more because they're considered armored vehicles.
  5. TSoA

    Add some Tanks

    People are invincible in vehicles right now, and vehicles are indestructable. This is a terrible idea in my honest opinion.
  6. All that is written below would be great changes for the game, and will increase the game's quality by over 50x once most or all of these are somehow implemented in the game. First, the Content. There is an incredibly limited amount of motorcycles in the game. Add more, such as a scooter. 3 recolors max like the sports bike would be enough. Next, there is also a limited amount of aircraft you can use. Add at least a small propeller plane and a recolor/livery change for them. More props, like more furnishing options for example. These would specifically be stuff like plates, glass cups, silverware, interior house decor in general. More skins/models, or the ability for the player to have a wide enough customization for one or two base models. This encourages players to be creative with their avatars and make each user unique. New types of weapons. A shotgun, a 50 cal pistol, and a submachine gun will do. We don't need a super wide weapon choice in the game, its a sandbox. Next up, features. A rework of vehicles would be nice. Cars and Aircraft should have interiors with our avatars in them, doing animations with turning on the wheel or flying in a helicopter, changing the direction you're flying and tilting the yoke and stuff. The ability to shoot from vehicles would be nice too, this does not limit combat to just the ground on-foot alone. Which is incredibly boring. Since the previous one would give players in vehicles too much of an advantage, the ability for a vehicle to take a limited amount of damage to cause it to explode or be unusable would be great. Flattening tires to degrade the performance of vehicles would be good as well. A great addition is also being able to damage inhabitants of the vehicles. It would not be fair if someone was in a vehicle and they couldn't take any damage because their hitboxes aren't able to be shot. Being able to manually crouch instead of a prop having to obscure our limits would be a huge upgrade, this allows us to hide behind things that are normally half the player's height. Limited ammunition for weapons is good, but some younger people would play this and they barely have a grasp of good ammunition management, so at least having the clip be limited and having to reload from an unlimited amount of reserve ammo would be great. Having to be spraying the whole server with unlimited ammunition before killing my opponent is an annoying sound. Back to expanding on crouching, while crouching, if we would try to strafe/move directly to the sides while crouching, we should roll to that side. Combat rolling would be a nice thing to see in the game to expand how combat works. The ability to heal by spawning props that are capable of healing will be great instead of having to keep respawning. Health regeneration is also good, but make it slow so when you're in combat, chickening out wouldn't last long enough, but it's convenient if someone just accidentally shot you while you tried to escape a crossfire between two fighting players so you can regen to full health while doing sandbox stuff on your own. A simple body armor system would make for an excellent way for battles to be lengthened. Its basically a second healthbar so you can take more hits. Headshots should directly go to the main health if this will cause issues. The camera changing to beside the avatar's right shoulder would be a great thing to do so that aiming with the guns can be easier. Being able to attack unarmed (punching) is not necessary, but a good thing to see in game. Finally, Quality of Life changes. (Makes your life easier in game) Holding down the "shoot" button and attempting to drag the same finger around results in not being able to re-adjust your aim while firing. This is garbage. Make it so people are able to also use the "shoot" button as an "aiming stick" when held down. This way, people don't have to necessarily use the claw finger technique to be able to adjust aim while shooting. This cramps fingers, especially for those that play on small mobile devices. The motorcycle handling is garbage. Make it so the motorcycle turning is faster. This will increase the number of motorcycle users by a ton. Having more maps is both new content and a quality of life feature. This won't make the game bland and repetitive. This also expands content in the game so there can be more players being able to constantly play for longer periods of time. Easter eggs can be utilized too. This encourages players to explore maps to find references to other things that are iconic and what people know. For starters, you can make other maps reference each other by making them visible just in the distance. Add achievements. Completionists will start playing this game to collect badges for their google play account. This also adds a sense of accomplishment for the casual players messing around, and makes the game just that more playable instead of it just being another mobile sandbox game that mostly young people play. Last up is performance optimization. Do not forget that sandbox 3d is a mobile game, and not everyone can afford a beast gaming phone. Optimizing the game for performance will make it so that there's a wider audience (on potato devices) that can handle the game and be able to enjoy it with other people. Adding most or all of these features will improve the game quality and rating on the play store, and not only that, this will definitely attract more players playing so you can profit off of the game more. I'd like to know what everyone else thinks of this, so don't be shy to reply to this on what you think about my suggestions for the game's quality to increase. I love the game, so i want it to improve. This is the best i can contribute for a better game that people currently enjoy.
  7. Could you add a cover system? it would be very helpful during gunfights, it should help you protect yourself from bullets way better than manual cover. Also a crouching system to match it up, here's a screenshot.