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Found 10 results

  1. Please Treiler truck and missions and add bugatti reply me please
  2. Kasper

    PC Version

    Make a pc version of the game cause on emulator it has some block mouse
  3. ESSENTIAL Modifications: -> Armor life decreases as damaged, as well as axes and weapons; -> Increase the cost to produce rocket launcher ammo; -> Add time to respawn in beds; -> When the player disconnects, his character remains lying on the ground with all his items. PvP would be much more fierce and fun. -> Increase the health of walls and ceilings, to make it difficult to raid through walls and ceilings that currently have the same health as doors of similar level (Example: Wooden Wall and Wooden Door = 200 HP / Stone Wall and Metal Door = 400 HP / Iron Wall and Armored Door = 800 HP), this will revolutionize the way of raiding that currently just choose any wall and fire the rocket; -> IMPORTANT: IN MY OPINION, ALL THESE MODIFICATIONS ABOVE CAN ONLY BE MADE (MAINLY DISCONECT), IF THERE ARE NO HACKERS ON THE SERVER AND THE HACKERS THAT APPEAR ARE BANNED IN A WAY THAT THEY DO NOT CAUSE MUCH HARM TO PLAYERS. Additional Modifications: -> Addition of new places to farm as well as the factory. These are my ideas for the game, I believe that with them there would be big changes in the way of playing. Thank you for your attention. ?
  4. Hey, I am Uruguayan so I'm so sorry for my english. 1-Drinking water from the sea/land ? 2-Raids/Pvps: When you disconnect, body should lie down like sleeping and not disappear. Because raids are not profitables 'cause people disconnect with everything and in pvps too. ? 3-An Idea for your Game economy: currently, the store offers special items only on special dates and then the store disappears till next year on same date. So players maybe dont play too much all year and they leave the Game; but they wanted to buy the special stuff before they leaved the Game... And that si money that you could collect but you didnt. My idea is: Dont delete the special items and wait one year to put them back again, just keep them on store and when the special dates are coming again, put new items. So the store gets bigger, its atractive, it keeps the motivation and espectative of people on these dates, and you guys can get more money all year and more on special days so you can use it to make the Game much better. Thanks.
  5. Like tanks ww2 Coldwar and modern tanks
  6. "this field is required" ?
  7. ygz213

    Add horses

    Add horses to travel, barn to hut those, ability to kill others' horses etc.
  8. The ability to transfer data to different devices
  9. So, i played the game a long time ago, and i played it again whit this new update. They impressed me alot and probably many of the old players too, what can I say?, they made alot of things better, sure still whit alot of things to fix and add. As an honest review, I'm my opinion they only made the map bigger and added 3 structures, added the rockets, added wall upgrades, some more items and that's it. I got nothing wrong whit this, since the team is not that big, But the Chad update took like 2 years to make, now imagine how long will it take for the next one, but hey, if they updated it that means they care about their game. (no really, survival simulator was a hacker Market whit no new products) Anyways, i have some suggestions for the improvement of the game and probably for more content 1- Better AI: So you know animals right?, Well as you may know some animals when attacked (from long range) are like ?, they don't move, this is something that should be changed, like when a player attacks an animal (long range), they will track the first player that did the damage to it and follow it. 1.5- Deer Fix: As you may know, if you are next to a deer, it will freeze and not move, Wich is something that should be changed, since this would make the game alot easier. 2- [Prob Patched] No-clipping thought walls: no, this is not a hack, it's a bug that when u run into a Basel, u could no-clip into it and either watch, attack or steal, this makes the gameplay VERY BAD, because all of that farming will just go in no time, the bug itself happens sometimes and not on every base, but still. 3- [Buff] Wooden/Iron Spear: So you may know that the spear doesn't have a MEELE ATTACK, this is literally dumb since it's supposed to have a MEELE attack, and the only thing u can do whit it is T r o w it, the spear itself is a BAD weapon, since u need A LOT of patience and practice for one even to land, not mentioning the only good use is killing animals altrought it's expensive and unefficient, so yeah spears need a meele attack. 4- Map Generation: So, all the maps are practically the same thing, which makes it boring sometimes since u know the best spots of the map, the map should have a Procedural or Random Generation, Structures spawning near the center of the map and a bit far away from beach/Spawn, this would improve alot the gameplay since u would have to play more whit strategy. ( not actually since u would just need to farm recourses like crazy to obliterate the server ) 5- Aim Assist: Ah yes, the aim, it sucks, itself it's already hard to aim good and land hits, unless ur literaly 2mts from the player, then all u have to do is spam the fire button and pray, i would request an aim assister that follows the player whit a low delay to not make it like aimbot, for me this is very useful and necessary since in mobile it's kinda hard to aim [not in every game], because fights rn are just spam, pray, and being 2cms near a player to land a few hits. 6- Modded Servers: What i want whit this is that some of the server that are being used (1 or 2), be changed to modded servers [2x,3x,4x,5x,etc], this could make the game have a bit more of content in gamemodes style. 7- Raid/Damage Alert: This would be like a little GUI that will show the damaged structures and structures that were destroyed, naming the players that did it, this could be good for information since sometimes we don't know if our base is getting raided when we are farming. 8- New Models: so you may know the game has the same model for all the recourses (Trees,Rocks,Metal,Sulfur), i would suggest to add 1 or 2 new models (not for all of them) but for some of them, because its kinda ugly seing a game whit the same model. There are by far more suggestions, but that will be for another day, PotatoGuy leaves. -some things might be fixed so don't argue about it