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  1. why The hell my Name changes into Player When rejoining
  2. World war 2 •T34 •panzer 4 •Panther V •panzer 3 •M4 Sherman •Tiger 1 •tiger 2 •t28 Super heavy tank •Maus Cold war •t54/t55 •T62A •m48/m60 Patton •leopard 1 •amx 13 75 modern tanks •Leopard 2 •m1a2 Abrams •T90 Too many tank i think the developer cant handle this
  3. Like tanks ww2 Coldwar and modern tanks
  4. Same for me jade i cant play sb3d beacause of loading glitch
  5. Jagdcat

    Loading bug

    I cant play sb3d beacause of loading in multiplayer