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  1. please we need a big chest I put a picture of rust. remembering only do not copy if it is not processed
  2. it wouldn't be bad these items, but it would cause a lot of lag in the game. I advise you to optimize the game more before adding these coloring items.
  3. unfortunately I will have to ask for a refund because I can't play.
  4. like the videos I sent? just click on the links. I made the wrong one on the page. Como excluir ? Mandei os vídeos errados
  5. VideoEditor_20220103_064307.mp4 VideoEditor_20220103_064307.mp4 Screen_Recording_20211227-075136_Oxide - Survival Island.mp4 VideoEditor_20220103_064307.mp4
  6. please resolve as soon as possible. you said it was my ping, isn't it? look at my recordings. When I spend a long time on a server, that happens, I can't log in and I forgive everything. I wait for a solution Screen_Recording_20211227-075136_Oxide - Survival Island.mp4 VideoEditor_20220103_064307.mp4 VideoEditor_20220103_064307.mp4
  7. I'm disappointed in you, I stopped playing because I can't get into the server please resolve this error. and also put a Brazilian server. I'm deeply sad VideoEditor_20220103_064307.mp4 VideoEditor_20220103_064307.mp4
  8. It's not my ping, look now, I'm pretty close to the internet device solve this problem, because it's not just me!