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  1. clone


    Add a option in-game to change our in-game name
  2. Yes it's happens with me too and I too have same device poco f1
  3. It's sometime happens with me too when we try to place furnace , boxes and anvil .
  4. clone

    Fix these

    @Catsbit.Care we can see all things inside the base from far way that ridiculous ? pls fix
  5. clone


    Pls add ladders in-game and please make the ladder mechanism like Rust
  6. clone

    Fix it pls

    after destroying thing like cupboard and boxes etc the loots in it doesn't fall pls fix these . If we through spear on enemy it's get disappeared for me but not for the enemy pls fix these also
  7. clone


    1.Make a option to give permission to my teammates to build and place thing in my base through cupboard and do something like rust . 2.Pls make campfire( it's look bigger then us) and sleeping bag smaller its way to big which does make any sense 3.pls improve the PvP it's worst thing in this game 4.and I hope in upcoming update you will add new building structures .
  8. clone


    Using wall hack ( going through doors ) Server Eu 2
  9. clone

    Server request

    Hello devs @Catsbit.Care , can you make server for Asia .It's very difficult to do PvP in EU and US.
  10. clone


    @Catsbit.Care pls release the update on play store first , and for app store later as it could take more time . Please
  11. clone

    About new update

    @Catsbit.Care the update will be on play store/ app store or ingame ?
  12. clone

    Important changes

    I know that but I am talking about raiding if we raid someone base they just take all the loots in there inventory and log off instead of defending the base that's ruin the hole game
  13. 1 . Dev's , what's the point of raiding? people just keep there things in inventory and log off and then there are vanished from the map with there loot .If we raid them we get nothing just waste of time pls change it. 2 . Change the health of wall and door , there both have same amount of strength and as far I know this should be change( walls are more stronger the doors smiple) make doors health less as compared to walls or vice versa make wall strength more then door 3. Add soft side and hard side to walls ( it's optional , not so important )
  14. clone

    Chat glitch

    After clicking ok it's still happens
  15. @Catsbit.Care best thing to improve movement is to add "gyros"
  16. Tru , this need to implement ??
  17. Even after increasing or decreasing the sensitivity it does not change pls fix it.
  18. It happen again 20210930-1_720p.mp4
  19. clone

    Chat issue.

    It happens with me tooo
  20. Sry my bad I mean to say leather .Yes you are right .And vro you can kill animal in 3-4 arrows easily.
  21. I think for now getting cloths should be done more difficult because leather Armor is in the last stage of Armor like ( heavy plate Armor or metal Armor in rust ) it shouldn't be easy to make it and sleeping bag tooo need cloths but for now it's has no use as such . If Dev's make it easy to get cloths it will ruin the game because leather Armor is way tooo tank .
  22. clone


    It's will so soo good if you add triangle foundation , window , gate and big wall to build compound around the base .