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  1. Not only can hackers fly thru doors walls etc , but now they are using your anti cheat to glitch thru the map and get away(kicked) 

    I don’t have a video yet but I will soon. It’s hard to catch in progress …

  2. I think the real issue is the fact that the only hits that really register in this game is the bow and the Rockets so it’s bows against rockets and catsbits hasn’t fix that yet once we get all the guns back if “if we” do then there will be no problem with rockets but you can’t kill a hacker that’s able to unlimited craft rockets with a  bow….. especially if it’s a group of hackers since we can’t seem to get past that either with a GOOD hacker/cheat prevention. 

    no wonder why so many people are becoming hackers tho because you guys jus keep making the game harder and harder to play for no reason . When it’s possible for others to free craft anything… and you guys are ruining the weapons , like I’m sure there a bow simulator out there somewhere for y’all to play ..      

  3. @Mohamed dz ,the devs wouldn’t put the rockets in the game if he thought was ruining , I do think that the few people who don’t like rockets should get a server where they can’t be crafted “survival sim” Since y’all can’t handle them . Jus leave a selected few servers for people who don’t like rockets , and let everyone one else have there fun . 

    “RUST THE GAME WITH NO RULES ONLY SURVIVE”  >>>>> you act like rockets aren’t in rust But there’s actually more rocket play , different kinds of rockets.    So rust is not a good example unless catsbit gonna add smoke rockets,The Incendiary Rocket  rockets and high velocity rockets.    

    so please stop comparing to rust because there “rocket play”.  Puts oxide to shame and you all are acting like they don’t exist . 

    all because you don’t use them as much or as often don’t mean everyone else shouldn’t especially when basic hits barely register.. 

    IM STARTING TO THINK WE SHOULD  make bows more expensive y’all spamming people wit cheap arrows and mad when someon hits u wit rockets , but the guns don’t work XD . 

    so Now that i have unlocked the whole research table all the way to rockets in the guns don’t work we’re supposed to fall back on the bow?       
    where is the reward and that where’s the fun in that…      

    I know y’all like running around naked with bows but that’s why you can craft it without researching…. And y’all are making it worse for the people that do have everything unlocked that wants to make and use them . 


    it’s like you all are trying to manipulate @Catsbit.Care to make the game into ur liking ….   

    if y’all like rust’s.  Bows so much go back to rust but leave oxide out ur rust convo .

    because “rust” has two more options for amo for rpg , and more  explosives. 

    like he has a game that don’t have rockets Called survival simulator y’all would be beast at because it don’t have craftable rockets 

  4. @Catsbit.Care       

    check my records I’ve been here since the first update, To say I have no skill you’re basically calling yourself a noob.

    I think the honest real issue at hand is the fact we have hackers free crafting rockets, 


    if you think turning them down it’s gonna stop you from being killed you are dumb, hackers are going to fill their inventory with rockets in level you and your base.

    since the guns are broke you won’t even be able to defend yourself,So let’s have absolutely no defense against hackers since you want to turn down the Rockets.


    I think that we should turn the guns back up and fix the hit registration before we even touch the Rockets. because if you can’t kill someone holding an RPG you are the noob,

    unless the guns being broken or the real issue here and the free craft rockets…..

    I’ve killed many plenty hackers that had rockets with a rifle before this last update and now it’s nearly impossible to kill anyone with a rifle. Half the time the hits don’t even do damage unless standing still . 

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  5. You guys are acting like a naked can get on a map and just build rockets and that is impossible unless you have all the blueprints so now you are taking away the Rockets from the people that worked for every piece of scrap for that blueprint !!!


    everyone complained about Nakeds jumping on a new map and making rockets and blowing bases away and killing people so @Catsbit.Care literally added the research and blue print system so that couldn’t happen anymore . leave the Rockets alone 

    if you get killed by a rocket it’s basically your own fault .. because the person behind the rockets , farmed 1000s of scrap to achieve the ability to craft them in the first place .. 

    so I’m sorry if you’re a bow spamming farmer

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  6. What a joke can barely use the guns , now y’all are suggesting turning the rockets down. 

    please let’s Stick to the original problem before we “adjust” anything else ,



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  7. The only reason rockets are being “spammed” / used in pvp is because the guns don’t do nothing . If you call that balanced ,you sir are on the slower end. 


    ive been player since first update and no one had a problem With the Rockets until the last update happened and all the guns became unusable, It used to be 4 head shots with a rifle to kill a man . Now you almost can’t even use the guns because they don’t even register hits half the time !!!   

    again you say that rockets are the problems but I bet if you could kill somebody with an AK or a rifle you would not have a problem with somebody having a rocket.

    but since the guns can’t be used !!!!!

    let’s turn down the Rockets so we can’t kill at all , that don’t make any sense ..! 

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  8. You all tryina ruin game deadass ,this is a mobile game I understand supposed to be competitive but also fun , some of the suggestions would mean spending hours of crafting for some of us . 

    metal bases rent lowered 

     fix the damage on all the original guns 

    but LEAVE , the rockets alone , I feel if you did  the work for for researching them you should be able to use them at will. Why is everyone always suggesting rockets being lowered when you already have to spend hours on the research like cmon . Something has to be worth it ..  It seems like y’all are biased against rockets ..   

  9. I’m not sure if happens to everyone, but I have to watch whatever I am fixing in the anvil , if I leave the anvil it will take the resources and not fix the Item .?

  10. People are leaving the game because of hackers , I hate to ask but when will it end .  The name of the person in the video is on top of the list he has multiple accounts also , and at least 2-3 other hacker friends all with Chinese names on US 3 !

  11. The hackers are almost to bad to even play let’s pray this anti cheat comes soon , with the speed hack it can also be hard to get them on video sometimes ??

  12. On 3/20/2022 at 10:32 PM, SlickRick said:

    I’m done with this game I uninstalled it, it’s unplayable with the cheaters. And the splash damage from rockets is ridiculous, two rockets and you destroy tc and base is raided. What is the point of even playing when all you have to do is rocket a wall and boom hours of farming and building a base is gone. Atleast add some base traps like turrets or something to defend your base a little better. Make tc have more hp so it doesn’t get destroyed so damn easily. The game was fun but I will no longer play it..

    I wanna note this man right though I haven’t played in almost a month because hackers , basically farming for nothing sooo decided not to farm/play all together used to be fun , hopefully fixed in the next update . 
    on top of that hopefully we don’t have to wait a year for the next update !

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  13. If we could have an option of a simple vehicle in the next oxide updat with the option to fuel up the same or even purchase gas at the gas stations for wood ? , along with a bigger map ? 

  14. 15 days is way too short of a time for a complete reset, especially when it takes multiple days just to get enough scrap to unlock the whole research table .. to begin with !!

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  15. @Catsbit.Care  @Catsbit.Dev

    So it’s kind a hard to see but here is proof of a hacker “noxus.xit.”      That can apparently run 100mph  and fly thru walls , in the video you can see him in frame before I shot at him and then jus flys out of Frame , everyone On US server 5 has been dealing with him.

    He is going around running through houses raiding people shit and killing everybody  else that stands with an RPG with the loot he’s got in from running thru houses . Cat bit please do something about this hacker !!!!!!!!

  16. I hate to say it man but all because you can “deal” with the anti cheat doesn’t mean EVERYONE  can , over ten people at a time are getting kicked at times…, FOR the people who got the update late that can’t even get in our own house it’s not fair we litterally got people, anti cheat killing at the respawn points .   So no anti cheat is a BIG PROBLEM, for almost anyone that’s on iOS or that plays period .. if you found a way around it cool , but the other thousand players haven’t so this is something catsbit Need to fix ….  There’s no point in playing for hours jus to die at a spawn point because of anti cheat.          Can’t get into furnaces to make guns , can’t even Walk inside a house without getting kicked , can’t chop trees can’t look in boxes , the barrels have even kicked me and other multiple times.

    I feel like if catsbit is going to look at 1 persons post and change the game then he need to look at every single comment and make sure everyone is good in the game ! Or not take anyone’s comments into consideration,  there needs to be fairness in the forums at least if not in the Game.  
    as other players have stated we know “jus a game” but you don’t get back the time u spent when you die   BACK ! 

    so maybe @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev Should just reset everyone ,on every server ,every time something in the game is changed for the better ,so every player has a fair chance!!!

     The anti cheat that most of us encounter makes it extremely hard to play or live in the game .           

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