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  1. The game is not working, I cant open the game, It says Request Timout, Both of my Phone cant play rght nowz whats happening
  2. Have u ever played Mc.? Theres No Tutorial and minimap there, what u talking about men.
  3. This game is hardcore. Doesnt need that things i guess.
  4. They're so suck on this game, so they using hacks. Sadly they go trashtalk , but they dont play fair lmao??
  5. You report a hacker?l But your own team is using hack right??l And so tallshit too..the leader of your clan is- SMILEY. hes using speed hack too lmao Enoc4- hacker too Wepe- speedhack Mr-Sexy -speed hack. Daddysmooth - Aimbot auto headshot. Lmao
  6. I hope so ?.. i hope Asia server will be next priority.
  7. NAOL Nalang....... Asia Server umay.
  8. Add vending machine ,for Safe trade will more Enjoyable specially for the fresh spawns, Also planting system to make for fun and not only farming and pvp, this will good for roleplayers, thank you???
  9. LancerO


    Delete Your Friends In the game.
  10. This guy trashtalk a YOUTUBER then the youtuber thought his the CREATOR of the game..? i hate this Unmannered guy
  11. Whats happening? Ive done all .like reinstall, clear data/cache/ restarting my phone. Etc but still failed to load help!?
  12. Hello dear Devs. I hope the next big update will come in this Year. Thats a Good ChristMas to us Vegetation I suggest Food that can Harvest OR Plant in Soil. Like pumpkins and other Source Of food. If you want to make the game more Fun. And add a More Grass and trees in The terrain Trade/Shop I suggest SAFE trading Like Shops . Or vendin machines. its also make the game more productive . And also Fun and Not get Bored .imagine Players Buy your Stuff in Safe way. Thats so Good. SCRAP This Things will make the game More better . I think scrap is Money to the game. You use scrap for many things like Researching/Buying/trading . I suggest this things. Cause i love Roleplaying . Even others maybe. I just want The game More FUN .and not get Bored quickly Hope Update before Christmas/that will be a good present to us. Thank you