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  1. É possível adicionarem servidores América do Sul? Precisamos ser valorizado, o Brasil está entre os 20 países que vai consome jogos online, já tá na hora castbit. E sobre servidores privados, seria interessante, só assim parava os hackers e teríamos uma jogatina decente sem trapaceiros. Obrigado!
  2. Interessante! servidores privado urgente. só assim evitaria de hacker entrar nos servidores
  3. Hi, I want to suggest some things you guys added to Game Oxide survival Island. And report some Bugs I noticed during my games. • SUGGESTIONS - Add Cetrys for base protection. - add Stamina to the character. - Add Brazilian Servers (South America) - Add vehicles to get around. - Base Cabinet permission for friends. - Bed Permission for friends. - Password on all Chests. - Passwords on doors. - Add Crosshairs to weapons. - To make the game more exciting, add a plane to launch a weapon drop. and ammunition on the map. - Login by email - Add new weapons • Insects - After shooting Rocket at a base, the damage destroys all things inside the base. - Shotgum damage is buggy. - The office does not give permission to friends. - The server is kicking many people out of the room at random. BRAZILIAN SERVERS URGENT! Thanks!