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  1. [VP] mahanگنگ ID:ABE3B38456DF5DCD
  2. HACKER ID: AD5B46F612AF72ED Thanks!
  3. ANAS ي كدورم ID:5E32078195F32322 Valeu!
  4. ID HACKER: E49270E641DA5CE7
  5. ID DO HACKER: 20F3E59EE9B12A96
  6. Número do pedido: GPA.3331-7690-1364 33242 Data do pedido: 20 de fev. de 2024 12:19:00 BRT
  7. ID da transação: E18236120202402201517s1344af4726
  8. Hello catsbit, I bought this item (centry) in the store and it's not showing that I bought it, but when I click on it it says that the item is already mine, but in the store it's not mine, what could have happened? Note: I purchased via PIX. If you can help, I would appreciate it.
  9. After killing players, the hacker changes his name to leave no trace. But he forgot that there is ID: ID: D1BA65C6EBF23BA6
  10. Cara, grava um vídeo como prova que realmente o cara é hacker e manda aqui. Catsbit já diz sobre como denunciar.
  11. Aylin14 ID: DBCA699F697B9A78 Thanks!