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  1. This guy is speed hacking around the map so pls ban him
  2. This guy fly hack in my freands base he did not use somoen to boost up in the roof the guy just frikin fly hack
  3. Same US 2 got wiped lost all my things 1 month of work gone
  4. Catsbit another hacker on same server i cant show you the video but i can show you his name
  5. I was being freandly to him BCS i need to catch him use his hack pls ban him he wall hack in my base 2 times now so pla ban him
  6. Sorry if any words are mis spell i am bad at english i am from PHILIPINES
  7. If you have a lot of freands in youre freands list just delite some and you are done you can play again
  8. I have a problem about the server list pls fix it if i am band pla unban me i am not hacking
  9. Aizon

    Pls fix this

    And if i am baned pls unban me i am not haking
  10. Aizon

    Pls fix this

    Thear is a problem whit my game i conot REFRESH server list this just pops up Failed to refresh the server list! Try again
  11. I live in philipines and my divice is oppo A5S and when i refresh servers something pops up and i have a good internet the thing thats pop up is saids FAILD TO REFRESH TRY AGAIN