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  1. I do love the new map and things but with the ability to pick things up we really need tc to have more health atleast as much as a wood door is that possible?
  2. Ya something is wrong with guns and the audio for actions
  3. Afriend


    Us1 more hackers Screen_Recording_20220410-095752_Parallel Space 64Bit Support.mp4
  4. The Chinese are getting ridiculous on server 1
  5. Afriend


    So many hackers game is almost unplayable now walls don't even protect you
  6. Well hopefully it's fast no point In updating if everyone leaves the game because servers are full of cheaters
  7. This is ridiculous
  8. Afriend

    Bug abuse

    May have received I dm catsbit care no ban server 1 saw him yesterday still
  9. Their is no reason a player should be sitting under stone foundations how is it not obvious that its not a function of the game ,abusing obvious bugs shouldn't have to be put in rules who would defend this except a foundation camper
  10. Hhhhbb Is definitely running around with aimbot sadly not worth going out with him and the lt guy from my post (leo the boss) is his real account
  11. Afriend


    He just killed me again please address this
  12. Afriend


    About 1 39 apologize for language in video but it's been constant cant play
  13. Was referring to the usual ad block,appreciate the info on current issues