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  1. Perun

    Player report

    Its just blank when I do that..
  2. Perun

    Player report

    How to upload photos in player report option? I have some photos od a flying player but I don't know how to post the picitures..?
  3. Perun

    Team chat

    This game needs to have team chat, because in the global chat you can t say code, and some informations that are just in the circle od the team. Btw anticheat is working perfect now keep it up and you will see the results...
  4. Hello, I'm here to suggest you to add triangle foundations and roofs, that will be a game changer. I hope you will do it soon, and we all will have fun playing it.
  5. Perun

    African server

    Will you guys purchase an African server? I have talked to many African players and they said that its very difficult to play the game because of the ping that they have for EU and US servers.
  6. I already suggested in my theme to increase the size of the map and add more locations and biomes, as well as normal rocks with stones. Vegetation after all. But I think if the developer of the game is alone, it will be much more difficult for him to make each update perfect, therefore, everything has its time :-) Russian language translate please
  7. I have found out that as a solo player its impossible to play the game more that one day. The base and stuff that we own gets stolen from us by the groups in the most short time as possible. The map is just too small for 70 players. Anyone can find your base and destroy it, it doesn't take too much time. You can t hide, all the places are familliar to the other players. I hope you understand my english.
  8. Perun

    Armor update

    Will you guys make a 100% protecting body armor. It should be made out of fragments.
  9. Hello, I would like to see a bigger map with three towns. One town one area, it can be like this, the snow area should have some kinda of an abandoned underground base, the desert an old arabic town, and the green area should just keep the town that is there rn. When we speak about the character, I would like to see a female beside a male character. Thank you for your time. Big from Perun.