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  1. This happens to me often. i play and get kicked out of the server then i can't connect and i get killed and i lose all my stuff
  2. How can I send you a hacker who runs fast? On the screen, he seems to be playing honestly, but if the video is then my game freezes a lot
  3. Лук и копья когда кидаешь они летят с задержками исправьте!
  4. Только это будет жестоко к начинающим игрокам надо добавить возможность закапывать ящики. Потому что игроки просто не смогут нормально выживать
  5. Well, let's imagine such a situation: it was today. Either we are robbing the clan, or they are us, and then there is such a moment, who will prepare faster. We started to rob them, in the meantime one of them collected all the things and turned off, we had already finished and went to extract resources to improve our base and they blew it up while we were gone. Now they control the server. If the player would go to sleep when he disconnected, this would not happen. It was on server 15.
  6. Yes, a very necessary item.
  7. Will it be optimized? Will there be a new big map? Will there be a triangular foundation with a roof? Payers disconnect during the battle, before disconnecting they take all the resources from the house, and it turns out that it is useless to rob houses, will there be something with this?
  8. hello developers. I really liked the game, please add a larger map, more vegetation, double doors and openings for them, adjust the height of the foundation and also a triangular foundation, rain and fog would be nice. I played Survival Simulator on maximum rendering and graphics, not a single glitch, please do the same optimization in this game, add gaps through wooden walls, ceilings, foundations, and also that walls can be removed. I hope you add it!