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  1. ID:7E947A6A4DF4C918 This guy is using hacks in server eu 37 speed hack and high jump hack maybe its aimbot too i was standing in safe zone so he couldn't kill me https://youtu.be/WhKXGxgdMlo?si=3z7R0PB3pro87A3D
  2. ? i lose too much bullets in this please fix it as soon as possible. ? I lose roun about 150 bullets on 3 enemies but they didn't die. ? Please fix this issue as soon as possible.
  3. I dont have a recording but will send you next time I encounter him
  4. There is a hacker he is a chinese hacker his name is 羊吧坏 he is using aimbot and killing every one in the server he is destroying the whole server he uses high jump hack and also wall hack he breaks the cupboard from outside the house and if you are far away from him he can kill you please ban him please
  5. The game is kept showing that fialed to refresh server list but I refresh it many times it didn't work my network connection is also strong but game not working properly Please fix it as soon as possible SVID_20220203_071728_1.mp4