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  1. Hello! I'm just here to ask when is the next update and also please tell just a little about what's gonna be there in it. Thx
  2. That's not important. But still it should be a thing, not only on the cyber truck but also on other cars.
  3. Your welcome. BTW, are you going to fix it?
  4. Also if someone is reading this, please say something like I agree or I think he is right. This is so that we can convince catsbit community to fix this thanks
  5. dear cats but community, I'm Jason, and I'm a hardcore fan and player of the game. This game is almost perfect, but it's not the very perfect game if you don't fix this thing bout the game. I'm talking about the tables, which a are too small. In the picture I posted, you can see the sofa are perfect size for the room, but the table is just too small. This is really frustraiting. It's really needs to be fixed. Also a minor request, pls make the daily reward have gems on Thursday and Friday, while the rest stayed the same. thank you, you fan, jason
  6. It happens on the Black muscle car and the Red helicopter
  7. And also make signs like stop, no entry, dead ahead and stuff... Thx
  8. We really need one thing in this game, which is a sign, so that whenever a player joins, he or she can see the sign and know what to do,where to go. Plz do it
  9. Hello, I'm jason and I'm playing this game since it was released:) I love this game, and I have a good suggestion. All the maps in the game are good, but we really need new maps like a flat one or maybe one for parkour and racing and one for gunfights (people love guns). I also have a few much needed updates, which are :- ● improve the driving style, add steering wheel. ● improve bikes, they reverse very slow and the turning is too bad.
  10. Yes I agree the lights are of no use