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Found 11 results

  1. ID 2F8072EEEA9CA584 MIKANZ channel
  2. It takes 8 head shots to kill a person that have full metal armor and i don't have problem with that i just have problem with people logging off during fight , and logging off under foundation I suggest 5 sec log off timer or reduce of metal armors health from 95 to 80 @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev
  3. The shooting and when u press and hold the shoot button and while holding it when u push the aim button while shooting it thinks that you are still shooting and it get annoying when it a peaceful rp and people don’t get the point of ANY HACKS=kick from my server
  4. Base protection is not working and I've ran into this bug alot and it's really starting to annoy me can you please fix this...
  5. I have no idea how this works, and idk if what I said even is true (probably not). Its an interesting way of trapping animals, specifically deer (the other animals attack), idk how you could fix this, but I'm pretty sure this isn't how it's supposed to work IRL, this worked multiple time in a row, so its not just a one time glitch. Also, the animals keep running away from me and going into the ocean (where players can't go), I don't think this is a fair tactic to use, mainly cause I can't get the food and other stuff, can you give them the same boundaries as the players? Thx Video.mp4
  6. Dorito

    All Glitches

    The following glitches are things I wish the developers to fix. 1. Tree Glitch “Tree Raiding” When a tree is chopped down and leaned on a base, players can climb up the tree to get on top of the base. 2. Multiple Door Glitch “Door Stacking” When a player opens a door they can place an infinite amount of doors as long as all doors are open. They can close and open all doors. 3. Disconnect Glitch “Fall Through” When a player is on top of a base and disconnects or logs off then join back, they can spawn inside the base or below the roof they disconnected on. It does not work on bases near the middle of the map. 4. Foundation Glitch “Floor Glitch” When a player crouches under foundations and stands up they can see through the floor and interact with all objects within reach. 5. Underground Spawn “Underground Glitch” When a player disconnects outside of the water barrier above or in the water (Players can do this by standing on a base built passed the water barrier) and log back in they will spawn underground being able to see all trees, ores, bases, buildings and players but cannot move being permanently stuck forever. They can sometimes see other players who spawn there for a second and disappear. (This underground area could be the spawn all players start in when they join the server).
  7. Hello catsbit team, i saw this gun glitch many times and even tested it, if you press shoot and then when you press the aiming button you get a auto fire glitch, please fix this, the glitch was in sandbox since the guns came and it is very unfair against normal players.
  8. The Car Glitch is Occurring more often now, at the start of this update it was rarer to get stuck. I know your working on it but it needs to be fixed.
  9. Hii, just watch the video clip ^^ not a big bug but its nice 2 know edit: oof the upload always fails so I'll xplain: I just found out that vehicles like the motorcycles or the Cybertruck r changing 2 other ones after u saved the map and rejoin. 4 xsample the blue and the black motorcycles r getting red. Hope I xplained well enough so u understand my problem. ^^
  10. Hello again, There is a vehicle glitch, if you go in a car there is a chance you cant go out and need to rejoin, (Because you will have the buttons of the car on the screen) to fix it, many people already suggested it, just wanted to inform you. i know its much work but we have time to wait. Thanks for reading.
  11. As a owner you can’t change your own privileges like if I can’t build but then I become owner I can’t make so I can build now