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  1. Don't they have an office??????
  2. Leak their ip and home address IT Will make them scared and go away.
  3. Add caves and mineshafts with ores.
  4. The cheater had speed hacks too and i have proof of it
  5. Restore my base if possible or give some resources in compensation. Video:
  6. Hacker with teammates ban the teammates for hacker association
  7. Pxrge


    How do i get the sleeping bag skin and the bone helmet skin?
  8. 50 player servers are too small for the map we need 100 player or 150 then there will be action
  9. I lost alot of stuff to an assholes fucking hacker, make ip Banning an priority so they are fucking gone i hope the hackers die which they will by me ? also hackers on oxide this is for u I hope you get banned and die.
  10. Pxrge

    Player reports

    It's so annoying when people post a report without proof, so i think it should be possible to only post a report if there is a link/video or screenshot, would be good for useless reports with no proof.
  11. Pxrge

    Bug abuser

    U can do edit then post link, No message in edit tho