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  1. Idon'tknow


    Seriously, a minig quarry that cost 50$? And only new free content is a npc? I know that you need money to pay for the server, employees (if there are some) and generely live like human being and that making more new contet is time consuming but you could at least add a structure on desert that is a quarry and would work as a minig quarry but its free and anyone can access it. And I have a question and please answer it honestly. Is adding items that players can hold and have a model is hard to make?
  2. To be honest, I don't have a high expectations for this update. Like always there gonna be bug fixes,anti cheat improvment and store sales, probably also new quest from lumberjack. But this is unfortunately what I expect from this update. I would be surprised If catsbist added new armor, tool, gun, location or npc (friendly or hostile) Well good luck with the update
  3. Idon'tknow


    Players vote
  4. We all knew that if catsbit ban one hacker, other one go for his place and baned one makes new account. Many of hackers take hacks from youtube videos and oxide youtubers that promote hacking in oxide and give links for them but we can start reporting those chanels for spam and scams and other thing so they can be banned from yt. (Sorry for bad english)
  5. Hello, I have a problem with hazmat suit, if you wear a hazmat suit you can still wear three other parts of armor and it will give very high dmg resistance (116% as I saw on one of the oxide videos.) I think solution for this problem would be, when wearing hazmat suit, three other armor slots are locked (mayby with a padlock icon from locked items.)
  6. Idon'tknow


    Catsbite don't need to remove this items but this should get nerfed because they are to op
  7. In my opinion revolver should be price a 15 metal frags but with glue and ducktape, shotgun should have increased magazine to 4 because this shotgun isn't a double barel shotgun but a pump action shotgun. With hr (hunting rifle) you are right And I forgot to write above about scrap price for slugs and 7.62 and metal armor: Slug - 100 scrap 7.62 - 150 scrap Metal torso/legins - 200 scrap
  8. Well at this ponit, oxide is still not ballanced and here is some suggestions. First start with new items: -New animal "chicken" this animal would often spawn near a roads in forest biom, chickens would run away from player when he walks to then. They would have low amount of health (that low that a one shot from wooden spear would be enough to kill it). They would drop animal fat, some bones, raw meat (or raw chicken if you also add it) and 30 feathers (about feathers lager) -New reasours "feathers" it would be needed to craft arrows (2 feathers for one arrow) -New food "raw chicken" it would be a little bit better than raw meat (same for coocked versions) -New reasours "glue" it could be crafted from 5 bones and 1 bottle of water or could be founded in monuments (1-3). Glue would be needed to craft a guns -New reasours "ducktape" it could be crafted from 10 glues and 4 clothes or would be founded in monuments (1) . Ducktape would be also needed to craft a guns -New food "canned food" it would be optaineble from monuments (1-3) and this woudl give a 70 of hunger points and after eated player would be given a empty can -New Item "empty can" would be optaineble after eating canned food" and it could be melted to 3 metal fragments -New function to weapons (which using a ammo) "recject" and this button would appear when you tap or click on weapon in your inventory and it would recject ammo from weapon -New function to weapons (bow and shotgun) "changing ammo" and this would work for exanple: you have a bow whis is using stone arrows and you wants to use metal arrows now (about metal arrows later) you simply drag metal arrows at your bow im your inventory and now bow is using metal arrows. Weapons with this function would be using a first ammo that apear in inventory) -New ammo "wooden arrow" it would need 2 feathers and 2 sticks to craft and this would deal 30 damage to body and 60 by headshot -New ammo "stone arrow" it would need 2 feathers, 2 sticks and 1 stone to craft and this would deal 35 damage to body and 70 by headshot -New ammo "bone arrow" it would need 2 feathers, 2 sticks and 1 bone to craft and this would deal 45 damage to body and 90 by headshot -New ammo "metal arrow" it would need a 2 feathers and 3 metal fragments to craft and this would deal a 60 damage to body and 120 by headshot -New ammo "shotgun slug" it would need a 2 gun powder and 2 metal fragments (about ammo costs later) to craft and would deal a 30 damage to body and 60 by headshot but this would have a longer range -New ammo "7.62 ammo" (hunting rifle own ammo type) and this would need a 5 gun powder and 5 metal fragments and would deal same damage as 5.56 in hr now -New effect "bleading" and this would last for 15 seconds and would deal 3 dmg per second and could be stopped by using bandage or medkit. You could get this effect by getting hit by animal 5%, getting hit by tools 15%, getting hit by wooden spear 30% getting shot by bow (wooden arrow 35%, stone/bone arrow 40% metal arrow 45%) Getting shot by a gun (rpg not included) 50% -New function "hotbar tap to use" and this would work for exanple: you have a bandage in hot bar and you simply tap and use it while you walk or run -New effect "food poisoning" and this would last for 30 seconds and would deal -5 hunger/thirst by 1 second and it couldn't be stopped. You could get 40% chance to get it by eating raw meat/chicken Now about some ballance changes suggestions: -New ammonition recepies (guns): -revolver ammo (44 ammo) 1 gunpowder and 1 metal fragment -shotgun shell 3 gunpowder and 2 metal fragments -shotgun slug 2 gunpowder and 2 metal fragments -automatic rifle ammo (5.56 ammo) 3 gunpowder and 3 metal fragments -hunting rifle ammo (7.62 ammo) 5 gunpowder and 5 metal fragments -Some food changes -eating raw meat/chicken would also deal -5 thirst and health -coocked meat/chicken would deal also deal -10 thirst -gun changes: -revolver magazine decreased to 6 from 7 -shotgun magazine increased from 2 to 4 -hunting rifle magazine decreased from 2 to 1 Animal changes: -animals could get headshoted by players -boars damage decreased by 50% -bear damage decreased by 25% I would say some thing a about armor stats but it was mentioned by TBK GAMER VN
  9. Everyone love or hate "stealth killinig" (sprint jumping to someone when he isn't seeing us, and then shooting a full magazine from AR into back of his head or just back). And I am a person who hate it beacuse its annoying, and just not good. And if you only way of getting a lot is "stealth killinig" you have smoll thing that I'm not gonna say name of it. That's why I'm here writing about adding jump sound (when you jump and land it will make a sound)
  10. Maybe try uninstallation and installation (Sorry for bad english)
  11. What do you mean by "removing a research"?
  12. Well, at least we get new food
  13. Idon'tknow


    Mayby this skins is somekind announcement of skin system