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  1. Well after trying the update for an hour with some members of S.R.S we can all agree on the fact we dislike the account system, taking away renaming yourself is a big part of the game, you take away short films, clan edits, or showcases without showing any names. Also the buttons have been made smaller and makes the came a little bit hard to get through. Another thing is disabling regions, now we can't separate servers and it may lead to joining servers that don't don't have the same language as other players. Shop is still empty for weapons and I hope you update it again real soon to fix some things and maybe add things.
  2. Keep crying kiddo. Softie bozo
  3. Shut up, Alex is correct. You're being stupid right now; just because you CAN Roleplay doesn't mean it is categorized as a Roleplay game. Idgaf if it's an online game, I could say it's an RPG just because of the dessert map. You're stupid, humble up and get out of your basement and learn common logic.
  4. Alr, when will this happen?? If you do update, please leave in common bugs. If they're not harmful like hacks; let them stay, it's what makes sandbox 3D unique & cool. The builds you see from pro builders that use simple glitches is just awesome. Please don't patch anything that isn't harmful to the gameplay mechanics of PVP or exploiting to other players