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  1. On 9/2/2022 at 10:05 PM, Lmaohah said:

    This game will die tho, no future, i dont think a newbie dev can do some excellent work out, they still learning some skill of coding, they not experienced


    On 9/3/2022 at 2:51 AM, Kit said:

    Just shut ur mouth u piece of sh"t u like my mom have rifle mouth but no sense like wtf u fight me ill blow ur f**king skull this game is for gamer nit like toxic or a d*ck player i dont care if i got banned in this website im pissed off cause of you little brat u like naked running telling "this game suck" then f*ck off u damndamn sh*t dont f*cking come again u piece of sh*t I HATE UR MOM,DAD,BROTHER EVEN UR FAMILY U HATE THIS GAME THEN WE FUCKING HATE U FUCKING KID AGHHHH IM FUCKING MAD BITCH FUCKK OFF..........i dont care of getting banned on this comment FUCK OFF U LITTLE BRAT U LMAOHAH FUCK UR MOM,DAD UR FAMILY

    I little (Just a little harsh) but agreed,  FellowOxide enjoyer ?

  2. On 8/30/2022 at 9:23 AM, Lmaohah said:

    Lol, ok then fight me in the game once the  broken fighting mechanism fixed, and send it to youtube, you dare?

    Please leave this forum as you serve no purpose other then to be a burden to others. Leave for your dignity, you dim witted diptard.

  3. On 8/28/2022 at 3:59 PM, Lmaohah said:

    Just a rust copy game, but didnt copy that much,a crown among the dev hahha

    TOTLAS has all of the stolen gun animations and assets from Rust, along with a lot from Oxide. Not to mention all the buildings and structures SMH. Just listen, get off the forums and play TOTLAS before it gets sued. Stole being toxic towards the devs. Also what does “A crown among devs” mean? Cheers ?


  4. On 8/24/2022 at 10:23 PM, Lmaohah said:

    Btw dont underestimate other developers, they make the skin of the gun, that cant copy,and i can say the progress of totlas is incresing daily, faster then copycat oxide , OK?

    ‘Your English is worse than a 3rd grader’ TOTLAS is literally ‘STEALING’ from Rust via the assets. I have and play Rust, quite a lot actually. Also, the devs make games for ‘FUN’, they enjoy doing it. I myself am a game dev, and I do it for fun in my free time. Why did you quote me like 4 times? I think ur just mad :)

    Just don’t go on the forums buddy, if you don’t like the game, then leave the forums and just play TOTLAS before it gets copyrighted ? 

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  5. 3 hours ago, Xtrabyte said:

    I’d think it would be cool if people who own prime get more things like server creation or prime only recipes or something more than no ads and prime server access i just think if you have prime you deserve more for 10 bucks and for russians ——————————————————Я думаю, было бы здорово, если бы люди, владеющие праймом, получали больше таких вещей, как создание сервера или рецепты только для прайма, или что-то большее, чем отсутствие рекламы и доступ к прайм-серверу. Я просто думаю, что если у вас есть прайм, вы заслуживаете большего за 10 баксов.

    Free pants skin, an Amazon box. Wearing a box on your pants lol. Yeah, I’d say skins. That would make it more worth.

  6. On 8/22/2022 at 2:21 PM, Peenerweener said:

    I do have a screenshot from yesterday of over 3k people on the servers, so it’s definitely not dead.

    Thankyou Peener, it’s been a while since I’ve played, I’m glad to see a spark still left in the rubble ?

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  7. On 8/10/2022 at 6:58 PM, Lmaohah said:

    I think hes saying the right tho, look at totlas progress, it program a lot of process one day, which make us know hes paying efford in it, and THEN they are also just 2 people making this game, why is the difference so big between oxide and totlas, im starting to appreciate their work, right also catsbit is trying very hard to work with their crooked hand, appreciate that too??? LOL

    TOTLAS, is literal garbage. I could make a WAY better game with Unity. This game is made by 2 people, who have ‘LIVES’ AND ‘JOBS’. You think TOTLAS is good? It only has the ‘Unity Survival Game Package’ and a bunch of stolen assets from Rust. SMH… People like you shouldn’t even be on the forums.

  8. On 8/2/2022 at 11:44 AM, Tokn said:

    My suggestion for the current game would be a free vehicle and new, better tools.

    First of all, the game has paid vehicles. A free vehicle, like a bike or a motorcycle could be researched with scrap. These vehicles could have optional mounted guns or could be one handed so you can wield a weapon on the other hand, and would give a smaller advantage against the Helicopter and Buggy.

    Second of all, we need new tools. These tools would be researched with scrap and placed above the Hunting Rifle or Shotgun. One of these tools would cost about 100-200 scrap. An example would be a Chainsaw to cut trees and a Jackhammer to mine rocks. The tools could have a coolant or fuel system. Another reason these should be implemented is to use these for scrap or raiding. 

    These would change Oxide a lot, and I’m not expecting this to be added immediately, but they would make Oxide a bit more favorable.

    add sword lol ? ? ? 

    damascus steel rock ? ? ? 

    Agreed gamer B)

  9. 6 hours ago, TheWitchP1P2 said:

    Too much bug.

    So many hackers/cheaters.

    Low quality.

    Random kick.

    Can't connect other server.

    Teleported when kick far away from your base.

    Fps drop.

    Player glitch teleport when running/chasing.

    Shotgun not OP.

    Same map.




    Then wait or don’t play bozo, being a dev is hard

  10. 3 hours ago, Goodplayer said:

    Fighting mechanism in this game is really bad it usually last from 2 to 5 minutes and by the time first person is killed somone already joined fight  lets make guns a bit weaker and also add Slight Aim Assist like in all other games to make it more playable and more fun to play also In all games of this type whether on pc or mobile Fights usually last 10 to 15 sec 


    Get good, aim assist sucks a lot, and learn to aim and accept getting third partied bozo

  11. 3 hours ago, Goodplayer said:


    Some of best Suggestions for new update... 

    1st and most importnant  how could we make this game More playable and fun to play i been seeing more and more players being frusturated about fight mechanish It usually last from 2 to 5 minutes and by the time we killed first pirson somone already joined Fight and ruined Our chance of getting loot from 1st killed person In most games it lasts from 5 to 15 sec in this game 2 to 5 minutes if we add Aim assist it could help us fight also by making guns Stronger we could make that happen  

    2st Adding traps like auto turrets,shotgun traps and bear traps.Which whould make game more fun to play also we could protect our loot and  compete with cheaters that are  trying to raid us also make sure these traps are good and they are not weak becuse it whould be waist of time Making them and using them

    3th trading mechanism within players  like Vending machines that could be placed next to base  and used for trading items 

    4th Horse, we recently got new update which made this map even bigger wjich means more land to corss and now We only have Pay to win options like car and Helicopter  so i was thinking if we could add  horse that whould be 3x our speed it whould made it so eazy to cross map and it whould male expirience more Fun  

    5. Cheaters, this game become unplayable becuse of Them especialy aimboters. In  New update add better anti cheat also  future that doesn't let players play withouth  linking  their account by doing that cheaters whould need to make new google account when banned which should make it harder for them to cheat

    6.th  more space in cupboard,big box also there is glitch when  storage box and furnace are destroyed  they don't drop loot 

    7th decorations, decorations Whould spice things up a bit i whould like to see decorations like pictures skins of boxes and guns also

    8 protected part of map in which we couldn't fight Like City 

    9 more architecture we should have 2 vilages 4 Gas stations And 2 cities 

    10 better rewards in City which could be More fun for starter players 

    A few of your ideas make sense, but most of them would be horrible for the game, this is rust Mobile, just accept u can get killed and third partied and have a nice day, also too bad for the new players, we have PvE, just like in rust u have to accept u got plowed down with a rocket ect. SMH 

  12. 14 hours ago, bellasmith said:

    When you upgrade the helicopter can you also make the vehicles a two person seater? So that way we can go visit our friends and pick them up. Only the owner should still be allowed to fly it the friend can just sit in the other seat. 

    They copter will have 2 seats in a later version, again, this vehicle update is kinda like a closed beta. ?

  13. 14 hours ago, SuPeriory Duck said:

    But since for the new beginners people, i felt bad for them since they were way too far enough to be good at aim, so if dc timer changed into 5 or 10 secs, they'll probably be annoyed by their efforts cause they might have plenty of important stuffs and all of that got stolen easily + I'm also one of them? i can't defeat some players cause my aim is pretty bad??

    But atleast i didn't lost my stuff cause luckily i can disconnect and wait for 30-35 mins befor i come back????

    Cowardly naked hobo ?

  14. I’m sure you have been in PvP, then when your attacker is about to die, they log out of the game.

    This is an ongoing problem, people have suggested a Sleeping System that doesn’t allow you to Combat Log or DC. I feel as if, since this is a mobile game, you shouldn’t add that feature as people might have to log of in the open, as people play this game on the go.

    I feel as if a timer For when the player disconnects of 5 to 10 seconds should be put into place. Therefore, if someone is in the open and needs to log off, or is safely in their base, they can, but during combat, they can’t.                                                                                    

    WHAT DO YOU, THE COMMUNITY THINK? Tell Me In The Forum Page Below ?

     @[CC] xAnony @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev ?


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  15. 2 hours ago, Iwantmoneyyy said:

    Hello the developer of catsbit i just want to suggest some idea that keep poping up in my head that is making your own moded server like 100x server or just anything that is moded on the server and just please add more guns and a triangle to make easy honeycomb. Thank you catsbit for making this very enjoyable game. Love you peace✌?.??????


    Gamer Idea dude ?

  16. 1 hour ago, H1mikotoa said:

    Add sleeper system so player dont log off in pvp and add bleeding system for complexed and Awsome pvp

    For the sleep system, for a mobile game, it’s quite unfair to die while being offline raided. I think there should be a 5 second timer on disconnecting, so dc isn’t an option in PvP. As for the bleeding, I think it would be great, but they should add healing items with it, via bandages and med sticks. Great suggestions ?

  17. 1 hour ago, cristo1095 said:

    Who are you? Oh yes you are my #1 fan, If you dont stop crying in th Next update maybe add a River with your tears


  18. 11 hours ago, xadamx said:

    What is the differences between NO,PRIME, PRIME, PVE, 

    Normal servers are subjected to hackers, cause everyone can play them. You know what PvE is and it is for new players to grasp a hold on the game. Prime comes with the perk of no hackers, and if what I have recently said pulls through, a lot more benefits (via a creative mode server)

  19. 5 hours ago, [CC] xAnony said:

    Hey everyone I just want to say to you all we enjoy the new server prime I hope everyone is having a wonderful day ?  


    It's soo peaceful here that all the trees are gone ?  

    *Mr.Beast pulls a shotgun* “Cut down the trees, and you’ll deal with me”, he says as he brandishes his weapon.

  20. 6 hours ago, [CC] xAnony said:

    Thats how you can basically describe paying for it now. [Early access]

    You are testing the buggy & chopper so that others don't have to get the struggle with it? 

    Ooooooh, ok ?

  21. 4 hours ago, [CC] xAnony said:

    Yes, there is


    This is a mobile game, can you imagine how the game would freeze if everyone had a buggy or a copter?


    So our goal was to add transport (because it 's really a necessity on this map), but to make it limited 

    That's the message Catsbit.Care has said. It's currently now early access [beta testing] 

    Yo dude, how do u get into the beta testing?

  22. 8 hours ago, Henry_Cool said:

    {The symbol '*' is showing important suggestions}
    {The symbol '~' is showing the suggestions that doesn't matter much}

    ~1) Global chat: Make a chat system where people from worldwide can chat but at a cost for optimizing the spam created when people chat.
    2) Make chat system for in-game servers i.e. after player joins, they can chat in a specefic column, where messages do not disappear and keeps moving up as per new messages+ refreshing of the recent messages for the player who rejoins the server or leaves.
    *3) Make a team recruiting system through server in-game chat or player's list fron where people can send invitation to others for teaming and the request when accepted, the teammates can't damage each other {explosions and friendly fire setting may apply} also add the setting option for blocking requests from settings or from the request of player itself.

    4) Add Simple accelerated vehicles such as skateboards, or bycicles which doesn't create any server lag and can be drafted after Lamp or High wooden doors and walls {spare cost 500} for the faster transportation of the players.


    If you have any offence regarding suggestions {whether it is worthless or waste of time} please do mention in replies. 

    Global chat is highly hard to run as it will be hard to optimize. Small vehicles won’t matter much as we already have vehicles that serve their purpose, no need to add more. The vehicles will be in the tech tree once they are better optimized. Overall I love the idea of teams, as it will be helpful to know. Great ideas ?