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  1. They already sent you the link of the video, could you take a little of your time and take a good look at the video? Minute 0:14 ID
  2. Ok, so what day is the update coming out?
  3. I know that friend, said that this week they were going to fix it but what I want to know is when, exactly what day or if we have to wait more days
  4. We need them to fix the weapons, so that we can kill with them...
  5. ¿Arreglarán también el problema de las armas? Ya que andan bugs y no se puede matar con ellas...
  6. What I propose is this: Improvement in gas stations and city. Knowing that only one box appears at gas stations for a certain time, they should put more utility in those gas stations. Create a kind of dispensing machine that, for every 30 minutes or less, they give you 3 types of drinks, be it a Coca-Cola, etc. Giving variety to the game with different types of drinks and not just water, and another utility for gas stations and not just opening a box and that's it. With the new update the game changed a lot and that new large map is the best thing they have done among other things, taking this into account of the large map, they should create a kind of vehicle to be able to move faster around the map, that the vehicle can block and so no one can get on, that there are only 5 vehicles on the entire map and that when one is destroyed it will appear randomly on the map, that 4 people can go, that it can be destroyed and recharge gasoline because already having the design of the tanks that contain gasoline, give another utility to gas stations by creating an interaction to be able to get gasoline and fill the car, also, creating a new item to be able to get gasoline and pour it into the vehicle. In the city they should only make it bigger or than the buildings that are there, its factories, open the doors and be wider, creating stairs inside so that you can play more tactically, that the windows are open to be able to shoot, among other things . Returning to the gas station and the vehicle, also create 2 more items, one to repair the vehicle and the other to unlock them when they are with the insurance (locked). The game needs more variety in items, that's why I propose those things so that there are more items and that the way to get them is equitable, neither easy nor difficult. There is a game called unturned, if you already know it or not, you should create things in your own way taking ideas from that game, unturned, and thus give Oxide Survival Island more variety.
  7. many people say Hahahahaha, please kid, don't put that stupid thing and whenever you want I'll give you a gyroscope class...
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  9. Hackers are back and with more force. now they can break the cabinets from the outside... We ran out of base because of him VID-20220430-WA0028.mp4 VID-20220430-WA0028.mp4
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    No me deja entrar a jugar! Me sale el mismo mensaje cada que entro y no ando conectado al servidor
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    Update 0.3.5

  12. It's the truth, he only answers the same thing and has been at it for more than a month. If only the developers saw the potential of this game and really got their act together, more than 3 months ago the anti-cheaters update was already released
  13. Ok, your explanation is very good but... then how are you going to solve the fucking problem with hackers? If simply by downloading DualSpace VIP Cracked (not only that application, there are more) you can create unlimited accounts and continue doing what you want...