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  1. My oxide google account ID is : 49FE2B1805E87E38 And the Items I want to transfer to is my iPhone account :C753DEAFA39BE4F4 thank you for the inconvenience that I may caused u - Jisphy
  2. will I be able to swap my google account items to my iPhone account? I recently swap my device and can’t play oxide without my paids stuff, I got receipts of purchases if needed. Thanks u
  3. Honestly agree with him , as a solo / duo Oxide YouTuber I can't even Win a simple 1v2 AGAINST full metal kits with medkits . The Amount of ammo U need to even kill one just for them to heal is horrible ?
  4. That's my discord server ? thanks for the shout out then bbg ?
  5. Jisphy

    Important Poll

    .. half the stuff is great and the other half is bad just saying half the crafting is just ??
  6. Jisphy

    Important Poll

    At the end of the day , All of the subject s on the poll should be added later on , it would be lovely to have a little farm bed and grow stuff haha
  7. Jisphy

    Important Poll

    Bro the cost of rockets are hard ?, as I been playing solo . Takes me 4 hours to get couple rockets together lolll They should add Explosives 20 Gp for 1 explo 10 explo = 1 rocket Would be lovely to have Components to add more loot to the game
  8. There a hacker in Prime , I will send Clips below ↓
  9. Ok just here to say this game has been making people like Undead very mean for no reason at all , causing trouble for everyone for no reason . insulting peoples Family, telling them to Go Kill themselves and such like that. Bro needs to learn some manners ?-jisphy ?
  10. Hello and today I will be report a constant "hacker" / bug user by the name of Pickboo today's he killed me while I'm behind him ? then says he using Aimbot ? lol Proof : VID_20220418001131.mp4
  11. 3 months is long lmao plus they don't even restart the servers
  12. Game was basically a copy of simple sandbox I don't care about that game lmao