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  1. It took 3 days for to spawn it's alright now:) server 4#
  2. Idk but the trees won't spawn for some reason it's been two days now and no tree in that area
  3. Probably will be laggy alot for 100 players ?
  4. I can't play also keep kicking every time ? in server 4#
  5. Bob bruh


    Other things also
  6. Bob bruh

    Kicked could you try to fix server 4# the the kicking thing is kicking for running every 5 sec and holding torch
  7. Thx it's nice but I can't playing keep kicking me for walking ?
  8. Bob bruh


    Server: (U.S) 0.3 oxide 4# Why?: Speed hacking and could jump high screen-20220323-233639.mp4