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  1. 1. Well issue about rockets that is easy to craft the researching is fine. 2. The crafting recipes for rocket should be 200 gunpowder instead of 100 and metal should be 100 then the rocket launcher should be 50 frags the cloth probably 15 pieces. 3.the splash Radius should be lowered about 5% 4.crafting time should be at least 2 min
  2. It took 3 days for to spawn it's alright now:) server 4#
  3. Idk but the trees won't spawn for some reason it's been two days now and no tree in that area
  4. Probably will be laggy alot for 100 players ?
  5. I can't play also keep kicking every time ? in server 4#
  6. Bob bruh


    Other things also
  7. Bob bruh

    Kicked could you try to fix server 4# the the kicking thing is kicking for running every 5 sec and holding torch
  8. Thx it's nice but I can't playing keep kicking me for walking ?
  9. Bob bruh


    Server: (U.S) 0.3 oxide 4# Why?: Speed hacking and could jump high screen-20220323-233639.mp4