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  1. Hi, I am able to join again. Thank you for helping me I don't know if this information will help but I think my error/glitch was caused by me exiting the game before it loaded, as there are no ads I had a black screen for a while before game loaded which wasn't normal so I restarted it and that's when it happened. Thanks again! DankDawg
  2. Hi, Thank you for your response and efforts to fix this problem, I am now quite worried as its been a day and the prime server says I'm still logged in. I hope this issue can be worked out soon, I will be patient and hopeful. In the meantime I've purchased prime again on another account to secure my progress within that server. I enjoy playing the game apart from the hackers which is why I enjoy the prime server and justifies the payment for Prime itself apart from no ads, I also like to support the game by purchasing your offers. Just a shame I can't access prime as it's the only server I can stand to play because it's hacker free. Kind regards, DankDawg
  3. Hi my game tag is DankDawg and I recently purchased prime, everything was fine until today the game does not allow me to enter prime server and instead shows an error message explaining I am already logged in. I hope this issue can be resolved quick I need to add resources to my cupboard! Haha Thanks for the help
  4. Please if there is some way to remove or ban hackers from the server I play on can you? We have been having a lot of interactions with speed hackers that have multiple hacks on such as speed and rapid fire. They've destroyed not just bases but villages and its getting to a point where me and the clan I am in don't want to play the game anymore. I have video evidence of the hacker if this helps. Any other information you think could be valuable that I can offer to help then just ask. Big thanks and hope we can resolve this pesty issue soon!
  5. Also while you are at it... Please take a look at the " add glitch" where the game doesn't load in after the add, sometimes I can be stuck for hour or longer just trying to load in Game. Big thanks and love for keep g us updated.