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Found 325 results

  1. Arda!?


    Здравствуйте, так как мной никто не интересуется, я верну всю купленную продукцию и не буду покупать вашу продукцию. Если вы мне поможете, я продолжу вкладывать деньги в игру. Пожалуйста, напишите ниже. позвольте мне рассказать вам мою проблему
  2. Hola creador, tengo una sugerencia que creo que estaría bien. Bueno mi sugerencia es que estaría bueno que implementaran un servidor prime de BR, para aquellos que se compran el prime y son de diferentes países habla hispana por ejemplo( españoles, brasileros) en ese caso estaria bien el servidor prime BR para tener un mejor rendimiento en el ping, para no llevar lag en los otros servidores de prime.
  3. İd:461E1EAA1C2AFF4C 94eu server Speed and aimkill cheater
  4. Khan bhai


    I got banned I don't know how but I say why u using cheat are u noob so then I feel some lag so I ignore then I see I just get banned reason spam I bought turret and buggy in my account please unban me🥺🥺I am no use cheat ID: 333305193444087C
  5. Can you give us any hint when it will be opened and what its use will be!???
  6. Speed hacker Server 94eu İd:62C16AA936A3EC89
  7. Winstoyn


    Будут ли разбанены забаненные аккаунты после обновления?
  8. Hi . I wnna say thank you for your efforts to make the game great for us . Ive noticed something i want to bring to light . These aim banns is a problem .. i myself have seen players with good aiming skills . Like seriously no hacks .. my friend is one . Hes a really good pvp aimer . He did not get banned but he knows 2 guys that got banned and the only killed hackers .. The thing is i noticed . Any noob player getting killed by good aimers runs to report .. and yes some do use hacks . But how will we tell the difference between the two . ? Maybe stick to banning if used speed hacks. Telekill . Spider wall crawl etc. But some1 reporting aimkill is just too risky .. banning legit players isnt cool . I dont know u are the clever ones .. . I myself is yraining my aiming . And i would just hate being reported for having a skill and mistaken with a hack and get banned .. i just thought to share . Overall i dont kill player only hackers and if some1 try to raid or kill me . But man hunting is not my thing . I avoid it because of this issue i noticed . I report hackers regularly and i must say i havent report in a week because i notice the getting lesser . And im staying alive longer now .. .. hope there is a solution to this aimkil hackers and good skilled aimers . Thanks in advance I really enjoy your game and soon will buy from it and a prime account I wish u all success . My regards Coconutz101
  9. Hello, I hope you are well. I hope that in the next update you will raise the difficulty of the level so that it will be much more difficult to raise than before. I hope you add servers for Arabs to improve the quality of pinge. I hope you to added a new helicopter for the two people But please focus on making the level difficult, very hard please. I hope you read this and give your opinion❤️ END THANK YOU
  10. Hacker 30 EU ID : 19C49395039CB764 PROOFS
  11. İd:62D82B81147F0C40 name:bhuub777. İd:35831E9006DC8734 name: )UA)GLAVA)(Similar name this)
  12. asta l7way²


    When will the next update be?!
  13. I'd: 93B7C4C5C19F78A Please ban him Server: us10
  14. Будет ли когда-то набор на модераторы? Кто такой Catsbit Guard это простой игрок или кто-то из вашей команды? Как вы баните читеров, через базу данных или админ панель? И было ли такое что ваши сервера попадали под угрозу Ddos атак?
  15. Can you please add recycle bin and trading hall and also update the base textures
  16. Cheater 88EU Magic Bullet,Speed Hack,Spider Man. Name : [QWR] Kudick Id: 1EEE201D993AAFC3