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Found 5 results

  1. Please make a single mode without the Internet so that players can play by themselves. If you do this, then the game will be almost perfect.Hope you do it ))))))
  2. Hi guys! I’m offering some suggestions with advanced building within Oxide. I hope the community can add on to my suggestions and make a fun topic to talk about! ? DO NOT REMOVE “DOORWAY DESCRIPTION”! I know this is a silly thing to say but I still want the doorway description to be “doorway description”. I think it adds a comedic aspect to the game is funny to look at. So for nostalgia, keep the doorway description! ? TRIANGLE FOUNDATIONS AND CEILINGS These are a big part of Rust and would make a perfect edition to Oxide. They would have a multitude of uses, like airlocks, honeycombing, and just overall fortifications to your base! LADDERS… AND SLANTED ROOFS Ladder raiding would be fun to do and would add another way to move around your base. With that, people can get on your roof with ease. I’ve decided to suggest the slanted roof\ramp as it would allow people to protect their base from ladder raiding and allow them to… ? ROOFCAMP ? bUt Oh WeLl. ? (Don’t forget to add corner and inverted corner sloped roofs) A PLANK BUILDING UPGRADE AND DEMOLISHING BUILDS We’ve all had a time when we were almost done with our base and then… we place a ceiling or something in the wrong spot. It is SO FRKN FUSTRAIGHTING I JUST WANNA BDUHVBAOHCVBSDUOV ?. So a demolishing build option, and a weak, twig foundation would be advised. Also, in the plank description, it says that it is used for BUILDING, so plz make that upgrade plz ?. TRADING WALLS OR VENDING MACHINES Have you ever wanted to trade something or another and not want to be scammed, we’ll this would work for you! Maybe making a trade wall would differ a server economy (Let’s be honest the only economy is people killed others for loot at this point). Also, players could use vending machines (Possibly located at the city) to trade without being online (For example people could log back on and collect their profits at a vending machine) ?. So vending machines should have a safe zone, but in order for you to activate it, you need to wait in it for 5 seconds, meaning you can’t use it to get out of PvP. I hope y’all liked the suggestions and hope to see additions to this topic! Hope everyone has a good day! ?
  3. The button for running is not working as expected. It automatically does the character run to the front. The right manner of work will be adding speed to the character but not the direction. Doing this the character will be able to run in different directions.
  4. Add gender choice to the game! And different servers, To make the game more comfortable, and languagesTo make the game more comfortable, and the language.
  5. i suggest the hitboxes of animals and players get fixed and the shooting is super unstable u cant hit anything from far away the idea of the game is good but the shooting and fightin in game is bad sometimes u cant hit them and sometimes you can you guys also need to fix the controls and have more places to explore like caves a city a abandoned gas station in the middle of nowhere and a compound you guys should also put a anti cheat system on the game because there are to many cheaters in your game rn i love the game but if there is almost no improvement on most normal thing that should be fix it would just die and me and my friends wont have a game to play on anymore because i dont see anygames doing this type of this rn