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Found 6 results

  1. Hola, les sugiero que añadan el poder elegir el sexo del personaje ya que solo es hombre,otra cosa que quería pedirles de favor es que los controles tengan mayor jugabilidad, también poder enviar las solicitudes de amistad sin tener que salir del servidor en el que estemos jugando ,agregen miras para equiparse las a las armas y sigan innovando ya que este juego es muy descargado hoy en día,por favor dediquenle más tiempo al desarrollo de este juegaso que tiene mucho futuro , GRACIAS
  2. Please make a single mode without the Internet so that players can play by themselves. If you do this, then the game will be almost perfect.Hope you do it ))))))
  3. Add New: Hatchets (tools), monuments (constructions), jump sounds, throw (hit, shoot) while running. Add better characters and body customization. Add + button in leaderboards so we can befriend people easily. Add more PRIME, PVE Servers. Make Asian Servers and don't let europeans, asians or americans enter each other servers for lag and cheating reasons. (this will improve speed of players and reduce cheaters in the game) Fix and Improve: Add better kick system, add bans. Kick players if they have PING above 250, because every cheater is lag hacking. (a lot of cheaters exist.) improve fall damage because u can die from 4 meter fall. Add better chat gui that we can scroll and see what people typed. Add ladders for the walls. Bugs: PVE Only button is broken, crouching under foundation can kick you. U can die from fall of 4 meters.
  4. Okay so will there ne a wipe like after a Season (some months) or after the next update ?
  5. El juego no está nada mal pero como siempre los hackers los JODEN todo y los admin del game no hacen nada como siempre lo único q les interesan es buscar la manera de conseguir dinero prefiero comprar un juego que seguir jugando estos juegos free hack
  6. Hello my proposal would be to be able to buy new weapons machine guns Rpgs and other weapons. We have already Decorations for houses could be interagiren for example in them tube or on the toilet you would have more fun to decorate. And if you dance or emote it would be well. I know its mutch but I would love it if you go into it and at least answer. Thank you in advance.