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Found 402 results

  1. player id:3928c30f0ef65ad, player nick: Задрал бан used hack:
  2. Please ban this player his name is changed his ID is 7FB0E25607A1E0EF
  4. I’m sorry, moderator if I formatted this wrong, please help me. I’ve been harassed for hours by hackers nonstop. ID: 9157335E729B8D86 name Бобрик01 Clipping thru wall to steal loot
  5. Noclip thru wall on second story inside my base, after climbing stealing all my loot His id [ID:BD417D7AEFC4CB29]
  6. Hello. Developers seeing the hacker situation. And I see that the game was great for them. And they can't put an anti-hack. Why not consent to the forums. I have uploaded many videos. Report.
  7. He killed me and my friends through cheating, please ban him because he cheated, give us a fair environment, Id 9735FE1FE87B76C3
  8. Salvador


    Hacker [BR] [3.0] SERVIDOR #1. 1612999964C0D36A VOLTRON HACKER BR#1 HACKER VOLTRON-1612999964C0D36A
  9. 4F6704E2736E8114 Ae Juninho Está a usar hacker Magic bullet , AIM assist a mais de 4 dias sem parar
  10. Us13 Please Ban this Guy 7CB299E218EABBCB He is Using Aimbot Hack Ar Please Ban Him Asap
  11. Not even a day has passed since the update and it’s already a cheater. Please ban him! F33D27B5CB1D8D57
  12. yakoub2023


    a hacker in server 16EU please ♥️ help us + I want to be your assistant+ I want to be your assistant 😔🙃
  13. Kareem

    Thank you

    Finally hack has been banned
  14. Por favor banir esse hack do servidor premium ID:6105CBB3FA199DCA4
  15. ID: DFF39ED796A46437 ID: 66F60C3924E272F4 ID: 7D6A2661650CA735 Estoy cansado de los jugadores tramposos, por favor Catsbit, Banealos rápido. 🙏
  16. ID 7802AC539B78062D hack aimbot aimkill guest 22
  17. I've been playing for a while and I keep having problems with hackers using aim bot wall hacks climbing up walls or speed hack and I report them everytime I see it happens but they never get banned so I made a list of all their IDs for you if you look at how many times they got kicked you'll know their modders 375C5BFE1A05DB22 F6CCB8B6EC7A8669 C5FA3574F2019587 FE09CAE990D9286A 56B5D3419E1A1409 4158D867B0D7CE9F CC1E82884017A53C C3083F01BA57F758 BE2464DD80D5124C 3C3EC42045772B2B EAEFDE83FC45A334 EA7E83993DFD2C43 5C869C2597BEEC6A E3959470469D5E31 68FF7FC511FA0908 Btw this is all on one server server 27
  18. EAEFDE83FC45A334 EA7E83993DFD2C43 5C869C2597BEEC6A E3959470469D5E31