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Found 344 results

  1. id: 67ED2203021BB3EE video proof:
  2. Ferreira19


    Hello developers, I would like to inform you that on the EU [0.3] Oxide #57 server there is a hacker using cheats, crossing walls and climbing walls within the game. We would like you to take action against this player Name: [WJX] TAPOK ID: EBD1B3218C17BEFF
  3. Hacker on EU 45 server Check his history and you will see that he uses cheats hacks Bann Name: [GOTP]KoT ID: D63AD2B45D708251
  4. Hello developers, I wanted to inform you that on the EU 45 server there is a hacker using cheats within the game. We are already tired of this type of players we would like you to take action against this player Name: [GOTP] KoT iD: D63AD2B45D708251 server EU 45 #SaveOxideNoMoreHackers.
  5. video proof: id : EF98BD490EA97E0C
  6. Tymur

    Hacker 2EU

  7. id hacker: D453B851013006AD video proof:
  8. SERVER: US11 ID:A7124370660AE143 Usa hacks de autoapuntado
  9. id: 4380168F147BA556 video:
  10. На 21US сервере играет игрок 14уровня, использующий сторонний софт, SPIDER MAN, AIM KILL. ID CB24CE54143711B9 Прикладываю доказательство proff Примите пожалуйста меры
  11. id: 59D109314093196 video:
  12. Id:A501796B4F732A46
  13. id: 989A803CDE153FCF video proof:
  14. Id:BBC0FF1EE77983C8
  15. Hacker Walking Crouched Fast In Lumberjack. Id: AC7A6AEDD5F8F1C7. Video Test:
  16. На 21 Сервере играет читер 12 уровня, использующий сторонние софты, убивает с AIM KILL id 176AC21D68F290FE Видеодоказательство Примите решение
  17. id hacker: 80029C742E3D41D5 video proof:
  18. Hello, developers, I want to inform you that on the Server Prime there is a person who is using hacks and is making our lives difficult in the game. We ask that you take action against this person. Its id is this:48D8C5DB0BDD46B0 Name:[РХ]хирчик #NoMoreCheaters Thank you Developers for taking action.. Bannnn 🤬😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬
  19. Please ban hacker on 95 EU id 8AA847779F02120 12 lvl, speedhack, aim kill
  20. id hacker: 9B62C53F7E430D25 nick hacker: . ЛЖЫВЫЙ. video proof:
  21. 8D9C94DCB1938206 Pls ban cheater with aim, speedhack 16 lvl in 95 EU 8D9C94DCB1938206
  22. My friend and I were going to the city to bet our rust, when suddenly a hack with Aim Bot killed us and took everything from us. His Id: AC7A6AEDD5F8F1C7