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Found 131 results

  1. Ban him, plays with software calls players names in chat, also kills everyone with a kalash kim kill. ID: F3409EDE9138A8C0 Nikname: шако -_-
  2. Plays with a cheat prevents normal players from playing also calls players names in chat! ID: 5CC8EF2EB1C5C484 Nikname: KAHEKI
  3. POni0

    Cheater eu1

    I'd: 2476DBE55C988BEA Proof:
  4. POni0

    Cheater eu1

    I'd: 2476DBE55C988BEA Proof:
  5. kurazhik


    This player is playing with speedhack (crouching = unkick), pls ban him. ID: A4EB4AAFC23A7054 Nickname: {_____) EU66 Link:
  6. 1. 15EU 2. SPEEDHACK 3. ID 29D0CEE32F5EC623 4. PROOFS @Catsbit.Guard
  7. 1. 15EU 2. SPEEDHACK, aimkill 3. FAAA0BC7BFF36A85 4. PROOFS @Catsbit.Guard
  8. Nombre:[de]1¥ ID:6EC70BB4051B9B9
  9. 1. 34EU 2. SPEED HACK 3. DDD978202AAD193C 4. PROOFS @Catsbit.Guard
  10. Server: [EU] #36 ID: 3A51237A3544357C Proof:
  11. 1. 34EU 2. speedhack 3. ID 73526698B7182447 4. Proofs @Catsbit.Guard
  12. 1. 34EU сервер 2. SpeedHack 3. ID 57CAADEEFA700E0B 4. PROOFS @Catsbit.Guard примите меры
  13. 1. 34EU 2. speed hack 3. ID F509252C216A4A08 ID 7245F4C4657CDA7B 4. Proofs
  14. Cheater on 14 EU server speedhack aimhack and ESP ID 68493289F79F6504
  15. Hi! I came across a cheater, I want him to be banned, such players really infuriate me, he has something to lose, like lvl 8😎 Server: 73ey Id: F87637B5F99F3E0B Please ban me quickly! Guys who see this, tag the developer/administrator I can't upload the video here, here's the link to YouTube↓
  16. pls check my list!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 9EU hacker ID : 444EA693C5B22129 AIM,ESP,JUMP HACK,SPEED HACK,BULLET TRECK,10LVL. AK47-KILL MY. PLS BAN PLAERS
  17. Ban him plays with cheat kills with aim with regular players he is from 11 level please ban him. ID: 8C35B6D47E760765 Nickname: негр 2....
  18. Игрок: id 2F197242743E81C2 Сервер: EU 84# Причина: Использования читов аим и спедхак Доказательство:
  19. Ban him plays with cheat and level 12 also kills normal players hope you will ban him! ID: 73F663AA86F4627A Nickname: я зверь 338.
  20. Deer CATSBIT, please, ban hacker in 95 EU server. He kill me with more loot. He use aim, speedhack. 8 lvl. 58D61F9BAD71E54E id
  21. ban the cheater plays with im wil and magic bullets also plays with speedhack! ID: C9BCA0F8A533DA31 NICKNAME: КОЛЯ8792
  22. 1.57CAADEEFA700E0B speed hack 2.Speed hack C00CF37DC9A7FCCF
  23. Hacker on 45 eu aim kill ID:3187C44B80ADD934
  24. sayzee


    Hacker on 45 eu ID: 2E6AE629796AFAE3
  25. Ban the cheater plays with aim and magic bullets already killed 10 players interferes with the gameplay. He also has a 10LVL ID: 7C2DD21A154199F5 Nickname: [NSQ]NeFor