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Found 14 results

  1. sturm

    #78 hacker

    Same hacker is back again, aimbotting
  2. Another team of hackers and a random hacker
  3. Id;9DE415B1D3BA0382
  4. 89D2900B521B379F nickname;KODA987 lv_0_20221103170905.mp4
  5. Hack con cuentas en lanzadas
  6. Identificación de jugador: D61E140F99858FBB Nuevo apodo deseado : Heydee96
  7. They already changed my name but it won't let me enter the servers because of wue?
  9. Identificacion de jugador 8cfba89aeb38fc55 Nuevo apodo deseado jbebesita
  10. Rdpitybu


    Os novos idiomas que você tava desenvolvendo para o Oxide, vão chegar nessa atualização ou na próxima? A propósito, os desenvolvedores comunicaram que essa atualização vai ser para corrigir bugs e tentar limitar as ações dos hacks. Poderia me informar se aquele bug (tela congelada) vai ser corrigido?
  11. I find this very annoying because when I'm getting raided I not so much afraid of loosing the base (because I get raided every 30 minutes in this game no joke) I'm more afraid of loosing structures such as my workbench, all my furnaces (that have metal and sulfur cooking),my anvil and obviously my tool cupboard.this is a problem because it takes 1 rocket to break all of these items. And a rocket can deal damage through walls. So it takes 1 rocket to break 4 furnaces which all have something cooking, 1 workbench, one anvil, and my tool resources I lose about 200 stone , 230 metal, 200 sulfur, 50 scrap, and 200 wood. All of this will take me a few hours to get from scratch.
  12. hello, could someone be like 7 EU server and ban cheaters, they already got me, please do it ?