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Found 5 results

  1. Suggest A What gonna Put in Future Updates
  2. Hey everyone!! I wana talk about the cupboard upkeep cost/ use of it. before the update it was cheap. I did build a 7x7 5 high and it did cost me around 1,8k. To keep it up for 1 day After update now after the update i did build the same but then 4 high. And now it cost 2,8k. Upkeep 1day. And that is just to much to do in your own. suggestion Perhaps it's beter to decrease it with 40% on logs? And add stone and metall to the cupboard. In the following way for example. Stone base 2 by 2 cost around 50 logs and 100 stone for 24hours Metall base 2 by 2 costs 50 logs , 80 stone and 180 metall for 24hours Reason for a change? like I said you are more farming to keep your base up then doing other things in the game. And that takes the fun away in the game. And also the reason for raiding. Since everyone is making a 2 by 2 completely metall with zero reason to have it. And comes back after 12hours in the game. Sharing 1 base. since the upkeep is so high you are needed to share a base to keep it up easy what brings the following problem. The one that did place the cupboard can only build/ open the doors (unless you placed them before the Cupboard has been placed) Is there away to make it so that more people can use 1 cupboard? Like in the original game it self? It boost the way of teaming with others more. And a way to make friends in the game and what a useful things is for after a server wipe. locking doors on a base (for the Update) remove the locks from the doors. Let the player make it him self. (I understand its a nice add to it but sometimes annoying for example you are building a base. And a Newby comes around and he did make a door and while you are building it he slaps a door on the base (while cupboard has not been placed yet.) New features (For the update) ▪︎Code-Locks + keylock ▪︎Unlocked doors after crafting ▪︎Cupboard sharing/clearing ▪︎Known Bugs/glitch fixes (If found out how to do. ""No rush keep ur head slowly working on it"" ▪︎Base protection (Shotgun trap / sentrygun) if that is possible in the game ~not cussing lagg spikes for example ~ ▪︎Triangle foundation + Floor ▪︎Able to pickup doors (if you have build privileges) ▪︎Removing walls,floors e.c.t With the hammer. ▪︎Full inventory Dropping the crafting item. Or block the item in crafting until you have space. At this point ? after crafting is done the item will be lost (also the resources you used for it) ▪︎Mute / block a player in chat (language problems,spamm,toxic,racism e.c.t) ▪︎Weapons [Gun's] Increasing the cost ~ because its easy to craft a Rifle and other fast killing Gun's (this boost the use of a bow and Spear for a new player. ▪︎Upgrade from wood to stone,metall shows the cost on the thing you wana lvl up. For example looking at a wall 200/200 upgrade 40 stone (while holding the hammer) ▪︎Furnace,box,cupboard after distroying dropping a box/bag (If there was items in it) or els raiding is basically useless ▪︎Increase the Wall, foundation durability vs doors. Make doors easier to break then walls and walls fast then foundation. And floors ~ Pickaxe deals first 3hits and then 2 hits to do 2HP Make is so that that only applies on doors Wood weaker then metall door and alot weaker then armoured door. And the same for Walls/foundation/floor's ""Wooden door 5Hits for 2HP *Pickaxe) ""Metall door 10Hits for 2HP *pickaxe) ""Armoured door *Rocket/heavy dmg only) ~ also for Metall Walls,Foundation, floor [Rocket/Gun's only] ▪︎Game voice chat ~ If possible to add it ▪︎Clan /group /team party's *Shows in game diffrent color tag ▪︎Chat functions 》Server chat , party chat, Private chat ~ ( or els people need to share/give their discord or other social media to keep contact ( most likely end up wrong ) ▪︎Chainsaw to cut trees faster (takes alot of time.... ) [with not a to loud noise] ▪︎Airdrop every 1 hour / 2hours (with chat notification ▪︎C4 with a loud surrounding effect 2 blocks near it can hear the explosion (also for Rocket) ▪︎Assault rifle Single / auto selection ▪︎Can't place or use notification in chat to be removed and being showed with a red ❌ or item showing Red (to remove the spamm notification in chat) *You don't have notification is perfect ? ? ▪︎Report Bugg/Player ingame option? With the option to select a user in the server {typing is not always possible} Not everyone can find the forum or wana use it. To report some thing/someone [Shows forum icon beter] ▪︎Backgroud sounds edit option to lower it. (You will get crazy ? of thst bird sometimes) So far this is what I think has to be added during the next 2/3 Updates (no need to add it all in one's @Catsbit.Care & @Catsbit.Dev Greetings xAnonyPowerZ ps.... sorry for the longgggg List?? I was bored No need to reply on this message Like is more then enough I will really appreciate it ??
  3. Jeeeeefffffffff


    Things to add 1 add tanks and humvees and apaches 2 add a sea map (doesn’t have to be actual water) 3 increase the limit of props cause I have an iPhone 6 and when it’s the max it’s still running at 60 FPS 4 add the west map 5 let us use EVERY part that’s already in the maps 6 let us buy new guns so we don’t just have the pistol 7 add slopes so we can make proper roofs for our houses 8 add a battleship gun part that we can put on walls for our battleship builds 9 add boat props like Higgins boat tug boat ext 10 add placeable people (do not have to be posable) 11 add a grid snap option so everything will snap to a grid 12 allow us to turn single player worlds into multiplayer worlds (so we can build a motel for ex and then allow other people to play on it) 13 add a friend system so you can play with them again 14 add mad max cars 15 skin creator aka use the clothes from other skins to make your own (costs in game money)
  4. What will you add in the next update? New props or features? Improvements? New maps? It would be good if you'll answer. And it would be even better if you'll tell the approximate date when the update will be released. And by the way, how many employees Catsbit has? Thanks for reading.
  5. e thirsty, save games, add various resources, add more stones, add animals. Many players run to the other game because this game still needs improvement. I'm sure the potential of this game is great if the game developer listens to the player's request.